Illugi ex Miscellanea

for discussion on the creation of said character


Just something of an FYI, Illugi will probably seek out a way to bind a spirit familiar after Novgorod begins so in game. Just mentioning it to give you some warning if you want to design a home brew mystery cult that might offer that or an Ex Misc tradition that might be able to "show him the way to do it."

the problem with mystery cults in Novgorod is they require a certain level of social structure and interaction to maintain... not saying they don't exist but there are not many. You may wind up having to seek the cult in an adjoining tribunal...

I figured that having to travel would be likely though he may see if he can learn it from a different tradition within House Ex Misc first, which likely means heading to the Domus Magna in Stonehenge tribunal either for the larger number of traditions there/nearby or research into traditions that may be further afield. If that fails as a method of learning the mystery virtue he would hopefully have asked around enough that he might be invited to a mystery with that as the "promise of power" kind of thing.

I'm thinking of having Illugi inventing one of those tradition-specific counter magic spells during seasonal activities during pre-game/post-gauntlet and I'm wondering whether I can say Illugi has enough knowledge of Muspelli to invent a spell that targets Muspelli hexing (I completely disagree with the absurdly general "anti-curse magic" spell from that dude in GotF (I think)). Anyway, here's my spell idea:

Break the Curse of the Jotun
PeVi Gen
Base Gen, R: Voice, D: Mom, T: Ind
This spell cancels the effect of any Muspelli curse (hex?) magic if (spell level + 10 + stress die [no botch]) beats the level of the hex.

If you need an explanation for how he came to learn enough about Muspelli curse magic to design the spell perhaps someone arrived at the covenant who was cursed by Muspelli and Illugi studied the spell itself using Comprehend Magic.

I had another question but forget it now. Darn it to heck.

For Flam Muspelli are not likely to be exactly exotic figures...

So far I have not been using the lab bonuses or hindrances for Illugi's labwork because it has taken a while for him to get his Refinement up to 3 I plan to when his lab is in its final form. Is this alright? If it is not alright, what level of "determine the lab's values at this particular season" would you like?

Edit: Also, May I spend "Lab seasons" Transcribing my Lab Texts into Long Hand?

On your post gauntlet calendar simply note when features are installed and do not use them before the installation.
You may spend seasons transcribing your lab texts.

Hey @silveroak, before I move further with Illugi can you take a look at Illugi's post-gauntlet/pre-game seasonal activities? I noted when particular virtues, flaws, magic items, etc were installed in the lab but other than refinement I did not spend Illugi's seasons installing them. Please let me know if what's there seems acceptable. Note for ease at the moment I just used G = Gauntlet Year then used G+X for later years since I was not sure how old I was going to make him though it looks like I'm probably going to advance him for the fully allowed 15 years. I will stat out the non-standard spells but wanted to make sure I did things correctly w/r/t the lab first.

Edit: Also note the character sheet does not reflect these seasonal activities as the sheet you're seeing on the wiki has only been updated to his Gauntlet.

It is not possible to have parma magica of 5 at gauntlet- this would require a parens with a teaching SQ of 75.
also unsure of your math for comprehend languages- as I read this to have 3(12.5) would require investing 28 1/3 points into the ability before the affinity, while having 3(12) would require investing 28 points...

Thanks for alerting me to a typo.

I see what you did now with comprehend languages - level 1 free, plus 25 points with affinity. Assuming the typo is that parma is 1 then the abilities, virtues, and flaws are all good

At gauntlet he had the free level and 25xp so 37.5 did the math wrong. Should be 3 (7.5). But that piece is not important since they aren’t final numbers anyway.

Edit, no, I did the math correct because I only need 25 to go from 1 to 3.

the character is good at gauntlet.
post gauntlet your G+values get confusing, but the activities appear good at first glance- I expect the G+ values have to do with the time required to make certain lab modifications, keep in mind that you can be doing other activities while overseeing the installation...

Yes, the seasons that only have the “Lab Install” designations were not subtracted from the xp I gained during that year.

which has not been added to the character sheet yet, or displayed on the seasonal chart

No post-gauntlet advancement has been added to this character sheet and will not be until he is complete. If you would like to see where he stands now you can view the google sheets sheet I used with the link at the bottom. I can add a notice to the seasons that are not seasonal activities.

I do need to make a warping roll for every season I spent inventing spells.

Illugi is mechanically ready for review on the wiki.

Just to nip a likely discrepancy in the bud he has the first level of Comprehend Magic free then put 65xp into it which becomes 97.5. Less the 70 for going from Lvl 1 to 5 is 27.5 excess xp.

I put no xp into mastery, merely the free level from Flawless Magic.

The original spells he designed are on his Grimoire page, links on the character sheet. Let me know if they need further detailing. For the most par they follow canon spells.