Imaginem Guidelines

The target of almost all Imaginem guidelines is the object emitting the species, including for anamorph and synaesthesia. Are there guidelines for targeting the receiver instead of the emitter?

  • InIm3 could enhance one of the target's sense high enough to be painful (oh the smell!)
  • ReIm could ward someone against images (see nothing)
  • MuIm could make you hear images and see sounds
  • PeIm could destroy species before they strike someone (see nothing)

There's also infrasounds that could make you sick. Has anyone used offensive Imaginem in a creative way?

Posted something not too long ago, a PeIm spell that destroys sense of touch for target. While under the effect, most people will likely be unable to stand up or handle any sort of weapon or tool. And if anyone does, its going to be very slow and shaky.

And then of course, there´s minor illusions, make the ground look flat and even to make someone stumble for example...

Well, i´ve used the same for both at least...

Destroy a sense is level 1. After adding voice range (+2) and diameter duration (+1) you end up with a level 4 spell. Level 5 if you turn this into Sun or Sight. Destroy sight or touch really diminishes the fighting skills of most people. Add a random sound pattern into their ears and there you go with a fairly ineffective opponent. Even mages can be heavily affected by this.

Imaginem does not kill, but makes your grogs into total killer machines simply by being unaffected by the imaginem effects :slight_smile:


Where is the "destroy a sense level 1" guideline?

That's my question. I don't see any guidelines to affect someone that receives species.

IMO : imaginem destroys species. EG, you can affect a sword with "destroy ability of the sword to affect touch" and any swordman would have trouble using that sword (it's like using something you can really be sure it's in your hand if you are not seeing it... disturbing!).
If you want to destroy the sense, it's PeCo (EG: make someone blind, deaf, mute, etc).

That would be me missrecalling the guidelines :slight_smile: Nobody around here uses imaginem much, so I was (badly) recalling a discussion on that matter that was held around this board, IIRC.

No such guideline. However we have so far used the PeIm guidelines as if they could be used to stop a target from RECEIVING species as well as EMITING them. It can be argued that those would be Rego effects, but we settled for perdo in the few instances that we have used this. The touch-related spells would be base 2 though, not 1 as I implied.