Imagonem and Weight

I've been thinking how Imagonem magic can affect the five senses individually. I'd like the community's thoughts on this...

A magus creates an Imagonem spell which only affects the sense of touch, which I believe also covers weight. This spell causes the item's perceived weight to increase a thousandfold.


  1. He casts the spell on an attacking warrior's helmet. The illusory weight immediately crushes the man into the ground.

2a) He casts the spell on a helmet resting on a table. Since the table cannot perceive illusory weight, it is unaffected.

2b) A man comes to take the helmet off the table. He is puzzled why he cannot lift it.

  1. The table is in a strong faerie regio where even normal household items like a table are 'living'. When the magus casts the spell upon the helmet resting on the table, since the table is able to 'feel' weight, the illusory weight of the helmet crushes the table.

Your thoughts?


Why do you believe that?

Assuming that you're right, though: Re: the effects of the spell, it seems no more sensical for an illusory weight to crush someone than it would for an illusory fire to burn someone. Someone might fall down because she feels the weight of her helmet and it confuses her balance. Someone might give up trying to pick something up because it would feel heavy — though, of course, it would be just as easy to pick up as ever, so if she kept at it for more than half a second she would just pick up the object. But certainly no crushing.

I am dubious about touch covering weight at all: sensation of weight is due to your own musculature reporting back its stress -- no species involved. Ditto for pain: even if a touch can cause pain, an illusory touch cannot, as the sensation of pain is not transmitted via species.

I would rather use CrMe to create the impression of weight in the target's mind:

Weight of the World
CrMe, Level 20
R: Voice, D: Diameter, T: Ind

Creates an overwhelming impression of great weight the targets mind, focused on a single subject of casters choise: a book, cloth worn by target, the caster, targets hand, etc. Target believes sincerely that the subject is far too heavy for him to lift, carry, or even budge. Target who believes his tunic heavy will be pinned to the ground by it, even though anyone can else who investigates the situation will be able to lift his upper body of the ground, etc.

(Base effect 4, +2 Voice, +1 Diameter)