Immunity to Wards?

First time post with a question for all the experts here :slight_smile:
Is it possible to take an immunity to Wards and if so would it be a lesser or greater immunity?

But immunity grants you protection about damage and hazards! You don't get to cross through a iron door even if you are immune to iron, so a immunity against wards wouldn't let you cross them, just avoid their damage (which is... none?).

Think that if you allow an immunity against wards then you should think that there would be beings with that virtue, and that's a scary thought.


I've seen at least one canon Greater Immunity that does not interact with damage and hazards directly; Mind Control, possessed by Cardinal Riccardo Annibaldi (Tales of Power). Wards, while not damaging to you directly could still potentially be used to harm you via, say, herding you to a dangerous location, or trapping you in one. Since such threats aren't all that common it'd be a Lesser Immunity instead.

Alternatively, such benefit might better be conferred by Lesser Benediction?

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Welcome to the board! One thing you can take (if you are a magi) is a spell resistance specialization on a spell mastery skill that relates to a specific ward, such as a ward keeping out a human. This would not apply to effects of the aegis that do not need to penetrate, if taken on a specialization vs aegis (which is being clarified in a separate thread).

But you can't take the immunity virtue as wards typically don't cause damage / death.

In this case the virtue is intended for a magical animal companion pretending to be a familiar to a magus.

You could give the magus a good Parma Magica that he shares. Depending on your interpretation, he could also have a ward or two as Formulaic spells that would work against the fake Familiar, combined with Spell Mastery for Resistance.

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Let me put it this way. If this virtue existed, then the storyteller could, at any time, give it to a random Might 5 Demon or Faerie, which could then subsequently ignore the covenant's Aegis and do all sorts of nonsense. There's a good reason why it doesn't exist.


That is a very fair point :slight_smile: