Immunity to Warping: Greater/Lesser/None?

No one of our troupe had ever thought about it, but the issue came up when designing a new grog: could one take as a Virtue Immunity to Warping? And if so, would it be a greater or lesser immunity?

Initially, we thought "no way, too powerful". However, after much thought, we decided that a) the RAW explicitly say you cannot take immunity to aging, suggesting that you should be able to take it to warping (the other main source of "degeneration") and b) ultimately, it's not such a phenomenal advantage compared to e.g. immunity to steel, or to fire.

We decided it counts as a lesser immunity for the unGifted, and a greater immunity for the Gifted. The rationale is the following. For hermetic wizards and other magical traditions that experience Twilight or similar effects (e.g. the Illumination of hyperborean hymnists) it is both a common hazard (longevity potions, constant anti-aging and other mystical effects, spell botches) and potentially "lethal" one (final twilight effectively removes the character from the game). For the Ungifted, it's both considerably less common and also generally non-lethal (yes, it can give you lots of flaws, but those are not directly lethal and can take a long time to accrue anyways). Ungifted diabolists could be an issue (for them warping is a big deal) but we decided we'd rather keep the rule "clean" than try to deal with every possible ramification and mess it up (besides, when you are playing with devil ...).

Any opinions?

I too have toyed with this idea as well, but for Companions only. I have also established an immunity that caused the effects of the Gift to not be at all disturbing to you a Minor Heroic Virtue.

As for Immunity to Warping, it is a little touchy. I recal the old Iron Fingernails Virtue (Magic Resistant, gave you a +20 general MR and a +6 Natural resistance, but the downside is that you also resisted beneficial magic and had no control over it). Combine these together and state you can never have the Gift or any Supernatural Abilities, and it also adds to the level of any LP, and the resistance is +10 for ArM5, pluss immunity to warping.

What would you wanna rate that as?

Ageless + major immunity to warping

A magus designed to last as long as his CrCo can reach. Say, 700 years with enough vis boost working cooperatively in the lab to create the potion wiuth a few veritius and bonisagui?

One of the few magi ever to die of old age.....



If this is meant to be an "example" of the virtue being "unbalancing", it does not convince me. First, as long as you are careful with your magic not to gain more than 1 warping point at a time, you can achieve exactly the same results even without the virtue.

Second, there's several mysteries that make a magus immortal and immune to warping. Yes, most tend to slow down his learning somewhat, but then, they also give other advantages.

I think it is a cool idea for grogs and companions, but not magi. Warping is inherent in the system, so magi can't opt out.

Grogs and companions, on the other hand, can have this, IMO, and it should be a major virtue.

Maybe immune to warping, but also immune to the warping that is a longevity potion? Both have magic change you permanently.

Major? Grogs are rarely likely to be warped enough to really suffer or develop the unfortunate scars that most Magi develop so it's not a Major Virtue for them. Companions normally have some Realm aligned abilities so they don't gain Flaws from warping either.

Being immune to warping does make Magi longer lived, all told, but it also removes the beneficial and interesting aspects of Twilight which are, frankly, the main ways magi develop new Virtues and magical insight. A magus who can't go into Twilight is magically stunted and will develop a very odd reputation,, as well as being shunned by the Criamon. I'd make it a Major Virtue, but let it fly. It's interesting, after all.

A Zoroastrian magus (RoP:D) with Major Immunity to Warping is not likely to die... ever.

Unless someone smashes him in the face with a brick when he's not expecting it.


I have tinkered with the idea as has probably many a player. The benefits speak for themselves. It is, however, undoubtedly at or near the top of most SG's "things to likely forbid for PC magi" lists.

That said, my own personal angle would be based on the examples from the Bonisagus Breakthrough section concerning variants on Parma shielding.

Seems to me that if an SG was to allow it, the most logical means of protecting against warping would be some manipulation of the Parma folds such that one might be used to shield the magus' physical essence whilst acting as a conduit for the magical energies (i.e. the aspect(s) of any effect which might have otherwise suffused and impacted the physical being of the magus are channeled away through the magical agency of the Parma fold employed as a shield against warping).

Perhaps it sounds hokey but then aren't all explanations of magical processes (and justifications therefore) a bit bizarre? :wink:

If that gives anyone any fuel for thought, I've accomplished something by posting! :slight_smile:

And that won't kill him.

Except when he takes that molten lead shower :slight_smile:
Or he sins ...
And there are fates worse than death :slight_smile:

As a minor virtue for non mages, and major for mages, yeah its not that terrible. Might want to consider having it reduce warping instead though. Like counting half, 1/3 or maybe 1/4 of actual points.

Havent really come up here as we came up with allowing a spellbased way of reducing warping points rather soon after setting up. And that was because someone who came up with a really powerful longevity ritual and then still had his PC go into twilight at the apparent age of late 20s.

Muto Vim with Requisites Cr,Re and Co,Me
Base effect is 1 Magnitude per Warping Point removed, +4 for Requisites, example:
Lvl 50 MutoVim(Cr,Re,Co,Me) Ritual, Momentary, Self removes 6 Warping Points
Failed casting adds D6/2 Warping Points, Botched Casting adds Magnitude+D6 Warping Points

maybe just preventing warping from aura's is enough?

I would absolutely forbid his for magi, but for (non-supernatural) grogs and companions I think it is great. I would also toss in that the Gift doesn't bother them either.