Impairment - does it affect Initiative

This one's bounced back and forth around my group a couple of times, so ... does Impairment affect Initiative rolls?

On p.104 (2nd printing), it states

Impairment is a penalty applied to all of a character's Attack Checks, Defence value, and skill checks.

Does an Initiative Check count as a skill check under the above or is it like an Up Check, which (as per the Glossary on p.331) is not affected by Impairment?

No, impairment does not affect Intiative Check.
On page 100 initiative check is marked in bold making it a different check type to Attack, Defence or skills. Also, it uses a single D6 not an open dice roll

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(One of the arguments made was that Impairment is applied to the Defence value, even when it isn't being used for a check at all, but being used to provide a target number for others' attacks, so Initiative could be comparable to that.)

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