Impressing Vilanus

On his travels through the Provencal Tribunal, Rilcheaux keeps up with the gossip and intrigue (9+4+1=14) to see what he might be able to find about the local Cathars, who is rumored to be one or more significantly to have embarrassing relatives who are...

interesting historical note: apparently one of the main drives behind the spread of Catharism was that they did not see usury as a sin...

Rumors in the area are full of Cathars and Inquisitors. The trick is in sifting through all the chaff to get to the valid pieces of information. However, Richleaux is good at that sort of thing, and by the end of a week or two of travels thinks he has some information on what he suspects is a Cathar cell in Carcassone.

Rilcheaux will travel to the area and rent a room there- this close to Andorra it might be useful for other purposes as well. If he has any specific information about points of contact or gathering places he will casually check these out to begin with.

what is the date of this story?

again, 1237. We had discussed this- the question of how to have Rilcheaux recruit agents over the 5 years being sipped, you indicated we should handle it in sidelined recruitment threads, but those had to wait until the resolution of a surprise visitor to know what restrictions Rilcheaux would be operating under. If you would rather manage some kind of abstract that would work, but we are also talking about skipping a lot of time to define how Rilcheaux would resolve issues with the covenant, etc.