In Appreciation of the Peace Accord

I just wanted to voice my appreciation for the recent peace on the Ars Magica forum. I know that tempers flare once in a while, and that's to be expected, but I've been amazed and impressed that I haven't gotten a single complaint for months now. Thank you to everyone for making my job easier. :slight_smile:

That sounds like a challenge to all the Tytali out there...

You would say that John, you rhino scrubber! I object to you, and you moon-riding ways! I can't take you seriously, with your ginger opinions and your pyromaniacal dress sense!


Leave it to a descendant of criminals to behave in such an uncouth way. By the way, I hardly ever ride the moon any more, and my mother would not take kindly to you describing the clothing she selects for me as pyromaniacal.

PS. I always thought you were Tremere?

What? You write two little books on the coolness of the Tremere and suddenly you are labelled. 8)

I mostly play Jerbitons, as it happens...