In need of some character help. :)

I'm creating a Companion character, and I'm thinking of making him a faerie, with the form of a strange and somewhat sinister harlequin. I know it's a bit anachronistic (but hey,it's a faerie). But do anyone know anything about medieval entertainment and when the harlequin appeared, and about other myths I can use?

My inspirations are mainly from Warhammer 40k and V for Vendetta, actually. A masked, sinister (but colorful) faerie character. He is a swordsman and a storyteller, and appears when you least expects him to push the other characters in the right (or wrong) direction, and to make mayhem. He gains vitality from inspiring mortals to do things they wouldn't otherwise do.

So, any thoughts? I was considering playing a priest, but suddently this idea ambushed me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wwll, I thyink he's a zanni, a sort of codedia del arte character. I've heard there's a demon based on him in Dante's Inferno, which pushes the date way back. Sorry I had a flatmate who was really into him at one point, but that was like a decade ago so I'm loosing a lot of the data.

I seem to recall he had a really, really high DExterity. Perhaps you could use the ACrobatics Pretense and something like Loosely MKaterial so that he doesn't actually physically need to do his leaps and jump, he just looks like he is? Or a sort of limited Flight so that he can do wirework tricks?