In Search of a Relic from the Past

Once upon a time, there was an Excel file or PDF (official Atlas download IIRC) that compiled all of the 4th ed. spell guidelines in one document. I had it for years, backed up on a trusty ol' floppy but it appears we threw them all away sometime in the past ~15 years after our last computer with a 3.5 drive died.

Do any of you long-time veterans of multiple ArM editions happen to have that document in any electronic format in your personal archives?

It looks fan-made rather than official, but is this the one?

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It looks very official ArM4 in font and layout. If it is fanmade, somebody has made an effort.

Maybe it is then? I'm not familiar with the 4e layouts (I originally mistook it for a 5e thing just after I first picked up the game a couple of years ago, which is why I had the link). I was just guessing it was fanmade because of the lack of a logo or any official-looking attribution in it.

There are a couple of things on there that I don't recognize from 4th core (Mythallar, auto-targeting), but I don't see Range: Voice so I'm fairly sure this isn't purely 5th ed. Maybe from a transitional period between 4th and 5th? Regardless, thank you very much, I can certainly make use of this.

Why I wanted this: I want to combine our saga's new spell guidelines in a single document with the official ones without the drudge work of typing them all up manually. I can run this through I heart PDF into an .xls format and move stuff around to match my existing format, voila! 90% of the labor saved, thank you again, @Cepheid.

Mythallar R/D/T is likely an homebrew for the Netheril empire of magic, AD&D setting. A fine setting for using the ars rules outside of Mythic Europe, I'm sure. I'd be curious to see if there are more details about that adaptation.

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Glad that it helps! :grin:

Thank you! I've been wondering what Mythallar was since I found that pdf, and it makes sense now that no matter where I looked for it within Ars I couldn't find even the vaguest reference. Now that you bring that up, I vaguely remember mention of Mythals from skimming some D&D3.5 Forgotten Realms books (I played a lot of 3.5, but never in FR).

I went up a few levels on the download link to see if there were any details of that, but it leads to a couple of public ArM4 & ArM5 campaign journals in Mythic Europe (and a couple of other systems), rather than an adaptation of Netheril, which does sound like it would be interesting. Still, here's the link to the directory, in case you want to take a closer look: Index of /rpg. The Ars games are germ/ and insula/.

So, here's an update on my stated project above:

Apparently I Heart PDF no longer exists or Google was mad at me this morning. Lots of other free online PDF converters, though.

Tips on converting a PDF directly into an Excel (.xls, .csv, etc.) format: Don't! Cleaning up the formatting is actually a lot easier if you go PDF to TXT. In text format you mostly are hitting End, space, Delete, Save, arrow down, lather, rinse, repeat. Though there will be an occasional curve ball. it's mostly just this.

If you go to an Excel format, you'll find you have data above a cell that belongs with data a cell lower and a column to the right. Later on, you'll find that part of the middle column belongs with data in cells in the left column, but a lot of it really belongs with cells in the right column. Much of this is probably due to the two column original format of the Guidelines PDF.

I hope these observations are useful to some of you, now or at a later time.


It still exists, but it must have been bought or whatever, and IIRC they no longer do OCR as a freemium.

It's still quite useful, but when converting pdf files to excel, better search for something like "convert pdf excel ocr".

Also, google is evil :japanese_ogre: