In the kingdom of the blind the one-eyed is king...

Or what is yet another 16 months among friends? :smiley:

Well I did promise... and here I am again. But a lot of water have run under the bridge since then! I did finish the original Blind Guernicus, Solomo of Prague, if not in prose at least in numbers. However in the meanwhile, and long before I got to also enjoy the splendours of playing my Guernicus, a newer player to out saga ended up creating a Guernici apprentice (we've had a lot of players starting playing apprentices - for the stories involved). On one part that reduced the need or gap for a Guernicus magus in the troupe and on one part he took to heart a number of concepts I had incorporated in the final Solomo draft.

Four years later and I'm returning to the task of creating my 'first' player magus. That is I've created many over the years, but all as NPCs or in surporting my players as they created theirs, but I've yet to create one for me to play and actually play it! Now I felt something new was needed, but also that some ideas from my previous concept could be kept - and thus I went back to the drawing board starting all over. And now, partly not to encroach on the excisting Guernicus and partly to intertwine my character with another player's new main character, who he wanted to be a Mythic Companion Faerie, I've turned toward creating a Merinita.

At first I was not particularly thrilled about the thoughts of playing a Merinita - no strong dislike as such, just no passion either. But rereading the HoH:MC and reading the RoP:F I got extremely inspired finding what I might have been missing: a more clear mental image of what the Fey are. Kudos to any authors lingering in the wings (perhaps especially so for RoP:F - which is already swiftly becoming quite the 'rage' in our troupe; it's right down our alley, sirs!).

My character, Tiresias, is quite developed by now - and he's already seen play once - but there are still some concepts to settle, so I will be restarting a discussion on the life of a blind magus shortly, but in a new thread to have a sort of fresh start. I know, having searched the forum, that blindness may be a subject flogged to death several times over since this thread, but at the same time a number of new publishments in-between also seems to have offered additional material to the issue, so bear with me.

And why this thread-o-mancy? Well, one part nostalgia and one part because I did promise to return with a more fully fleshed character and my new character is close enough to home that I'll keep to that promise by posting him here eventually. For now he is only numbers on a sheet and a metacreator file, but I hope to write some text too - and when I get around to doing that, I'll make sure to translate parts of it to English.

Jeppe, your saga sounds fascinating. Why am I not playing with you?
It would've driven me nuts SGing for such a long time and not actually getting to play a magus.

There is a running joke that you'd need to have been a Fastaval-general to get in - though that is just a happenstance - though I'm sure you probably know half the troupe already. We're quite full with currently 6½ active people, as we want to keep the troupe small enough to keep the stories engaging. But I'm sure that we can sort something if you want to make a guest appearance at some point (the more so with 3 of the players all looking to become fathers/mothers within the next 4-5 months), that is if you are still living in Aarhus. Send me a PM if you don't have my number already (or M. Markert's number for that matter, which I think you know the bedst of us).

And yeah, I've been looking forward to this, though it haven't been that bad - I do love our troupes and the stories we've told. In fact it is as much intimidating as it is exciting having stepped a bit back as the perpertual SG and being about to step in as a magus.

So, all I have to do to get into a troupe with that much creativity and fun is to become general of this 'fastaval'?