In the old tradition of MSU's finest fraternities...

You're going to have to get as many people into the same place at the same time, with two tricky bits.

For the first, describe where you're trying to get them. (Phone booth? Frat house? R'lyeh?)

For the second, describe what you do with them when you get all of them there. (Guinness Book of World Records! Keg Party! IA R'lyeh!)

You have another week, blenders, jellyfish, hole punches, html, and yellow snowmen. GO!

I let Michelle do whatever it is she wants to do, and refuse to turn up.

Then I define my place as the same as hers, and my objective as the same as hers, and my time as thirty seconds after hers.

Then I turn up.

Oh, that was a lazy post. I can see several ways for Michelle to hammer me.

If I had my time again...

I define my place as Alpha Centauri, and my time as 1 lightyear.

He'll have to leave immediately to get there, which means that I get rid of Ferguson for TWO YEARS, during which I'll totally bypass him in my Mad Science courses, AND probably take over the world a dozen times over by then.


PS. When I rule the world, I'll then ban "project yellow snow"(men) from the history books. If finding Alpha Centauri empty doesn't do it, THAT'S SURE to tork my arch-nemesis off good! grin

Actually, I think I might salvage a win, here. We have to designate a place and a time and get as many people as we can, right? Well, Michelle hasn't designated a time. A light year isn't a time, its a distance, and thus is a non-sensical answer. I can't "choose her time", because its not a time. So, knowing that her plan is not within the parameters of the assignment, I can tunr up anywhaere and do anything, and still win, because there's at least one of me. Me, at my desk, drinking cocoa, is a better answer than hers.

But in the spirit of the thing, given that I can't just piggyback on Michelle's answer in the intended way: I host a "Mock Michelle's Lack of Essential Astrophyscial Information Party."

I use HTML in a viral marketting campaign to get people to drink YelloSno, the hip new thirst quencher than makes you sexier because iot causes you to lose weight. It's made in bars by hip people with blenders, using the reproductive sacks of jellyfish. The trick here is that its a sort of parasitic jellyfish, the male of the species continues to live inside the human host, much as the males of some species continue to live as a parasite in the female. Much as it does in nature, the jellyfish fills its host with hormones. It this case, it fills its host with a PASSIONATE love of YelloSno.

Then, once a host of people have jellyfish in them, I release Michelle plans ot delete Yellow Snow from history on the internet, on YouTube, along with the town her minion John is now ruling. I then get my bartenders to make up a lot of the snow, and give it to anyone who will run naked up the main street chanting

"Michelle didn't know that a lightyear.
Isn't a measure of time (oh yeah)".

Ah, "You cannot edit your posts in this forum." I seeeee....

You all lose!

Dr. Nephew, your arch-nemesis is correct about a light-year being an incorrect form of answer. I appreciate the effort to eliminate him, but you failed to accomplish the assignment yourself after sending him off to the hinterlands.

Mr. Ferguson, your first answer was both lazy and derivative of an incorrect answer; the equivalent of writing "Me either" on a test after seeing that Michelle has written "I don't know" on one of the answers.
And the second one was just tacky.

I would award myself the point for stuffing an infinite number of freshpeople into a quantum phone booth, but awarding myself would also be tacky. As is, I'll have to give it to Chris Knight.

Hah ... serves me right for ASSUMING that Ferguson would be clever enough to devise a mode of transportation that's faster than the speed of light. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, like I know frat parties...we don't have them in my country. Now, if you'd been rounding up bunyips...