Incompetence Virtue

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One of my players wants a character who believes they have social skills like Etiquette but is absolutely deluded. Is there a suitable flaw?

Also I am not quite as new as my post count my suggest. I am currently running an online saga with three covenants and three groups of players and working on establushing the fourth. I used to post as cj.23 but can't work out which email address my account was registered to :slight_smile: Some of the older hands might remember me?

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That's the delusion flaw I think.
If you want to aggravate it, you can couple it with social handicap (or some such).

The Dunning-Kruger flaw :crazy_face:


Cheers folks! I am that player. Trying to create a companion, former burglar / prize-fighter turned Gentleman's Gentleman, inspired by Brian Glover's portrayal of Albert Campion's manservant Magersfontein Lugg

I went with flaw: Delusion (Etiquette with Nobles) 1 which counteracts his ability: Etiquette (when it doesn't matter) 1

So he's wonderfully polite with fishwives and, unfortunately, equally polite in exactly the same manner with lords & ladies.

Rather than Social Flaw (which I thought was little too much), I also went with Disfigurement (Bald, Cauliflower Ears and Broken Nose) for that former boxer vibe which will again, hopefully, impress fishwives and alienate nobles.


I misunderstood the challenge. The delusion flaw inflates your belief, in this case your belief in yourself. It does not make you incompetent, rather it assumes that your are and states the delusion that your are not. I assumed you would just take a zero skill, but if your incompetence is contextual, that does not really fit the bill.

A possible alternative is a lesser malediction, which is a kind of a wildcard flaw, at least as far as inexplicable disabilities go.

What about the Minor General Flaw "Raised in the Gutter" on page 83 of Grogs?

Raised in the Gutter might do it. Or Social Handicap. Or Delusion (Treats all class of people with equal respect despite obvious superiority of rich people).


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Social Handicap

How about "Judged Unfairly"?

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