India, China & Japan sourcebooks?

They have done sourcebooks for Egypt and Africa, but what about sourcebooks for India, China and Japan?

Doesn't it fall outside the scope of Mythic Europa?

Serf's parma, but I remember that topic discussed in one of the book saying that tC&tC had been the most east any source book would go. (and for some reasons, I guess BS&S will be the most south?)

But there has been ever a relation between India and Greece.

Japan might be doable.

We gave China a go, and some of the material is in...Hermes Portal? There's a basic problem of scale. If you can do a whole book on the Alps, or Scotland, you have this problem that China has a population many times that of all of Europe. You might be able to do a far smaller place (Li-Jien, for example, where I personally have Trianoma come from) or Taiwan.

As to India, much the same issue: India is just too large a place for a line which gives you an entire book on Ireland. Perhaps you might manage Sri Lanka...

I mean, -Italy- hasn't been done properly for the modern setting.

There could be a travelogue book, outlining the weird and alien places over the horizon, but it would necessarily be an outline, and may describe regios or real places.

A Mandeville's Travels for Ars Magica would be so great.

Alas, maybe next edition.

Nor the Ibearian peninsula, Scotland or England(/Wales/Cornwall).
Plenty of places of higher priority.


Very much yes, including an invasion.



For Ars, we're looking at the 13th century, where east and south of Islamic lands virtually all contact and trade is done through Arab intermediaries - so apart from the occasional Marco Polo, virtually all Silk Road trade and Indian Ocean trade is done at least one step removed from Europeans. Given Ars is mostly about wizards and their companions in Europe, all the stuff for Islamic lands (Cradle and Crescent, Lands of the Nile, Between Sand and Sea) was added towards the end, and anything further afield has probably been put to one side as just too removed from the focus of most people's sagas. Travel to China or Japan is only marginally more likely than travel to the Moon, or to lost Atlantis.

And that lunar limit is unlikely to ever be broken in a source book!

I agree there doesn't seem to be a good way to visit these regions without devoting a large number of books to them. That's a shame, I'd love to see an Ars-style RPG built around India. I remember being excited about Joseph Browning's plans for a book about India, but it fizzled out years ago.

I suppose the easiest way to get Ars to India or China would be an "adventure" or "campaign" book focused on the Silk Road or Indian Ocean. This conveniently limits the scope, but that also means you're missing most of what's out there.

Although any saga is going to miss most of what's out there, even when 'there' is just Mythic Europe.

Personally, I like the (semi?)official position that Atlantic Ocean, the steppes of Central Asia and the Sahara mark the western, eastern and southern borders of the "mundane" world in Ars Magica. I think it conveniently limits the scope of an already really, really large setting.