Infernal Affairs

Hi, i have a doubt about Infernal Ghosts and for Goetic (and Similar Arts no Infernals related).
I have designed two or one Infernal Family/Families. They are all some infernalist form the Moloch worshippers and corrupted witchs related. For that i ask, Could Infernals Ghost form part of False Gods or only are suitables for the Tempters, Furies and Accusers?
The ghosts are the two types, the ancients priests from Carthago which they is abhorrent the salty water and the others are Iberian worshippers lords and wise men called Summun Vir that have the same problem but with the sweet water. They are both devoted fire inclined and respect or similar Adramelech, in the poor ways of demons do. The, if only can be from the three legions before, then they are of two families, if not the two are the same. Can Adremelech rules over this spirits anyway?
The other question is about if Summoning ant the others Getic Arts are suitable for learn with the others traditionals penalties for Favored or not Sobrenatural Ability, orlike others art need be open in any case? Can be improved by practice and Training and not only Teaching?
The demons work in way to teach thats abilitiesintroducings somatimes mortals in their tradition, the two types don't work very well uniteds.
The favored Abilities for This Tradition are: Ablating, Incantation, Effusion and Daiblerie.

It seems like any suitably powerful Infernal Ghost could masquerade as a False God, though that would be unusual and worthy of mention somehow.

For favored Abilities, it seems that exposure to Infernal powers eventually aligns your powers to the Infernal realm anyway, so they eventually become favored Abilities anyway. Based on the Ars Goetica section of RoP:tI, those Arts are raised just like any other: Exposure, Teaching, Instruction, etc.

IIRC, goetic arts are in fact accelerated abilities, it's just that the word didn't exist at the time. OTOH, it is very easy to learn infernal powers. Temptation and all that :wink:

Ok, thanks for your answer.
Any other opinion?

That may or may not be true. There are other mechanical differences between Arts and Abilities (Difficult / Accelerated or not) - the initial score (1 for Abilities, 0 for Arts), whether Puissant adds +2 or +3, and how much of a bonus you get from using a pawn of vis (+1 for Abilities, +2 for Arts). There may be others; HoH:S - Ex Miscellanea has the full details.


Yeah, i thought that.

It seems pretty strange to me that the tradition would have Ablating but not Summoning among its Favored Abilities. They sort of go together; I would think an infernalist would typically learn Ablating after Summoning. I might suggest you replace Effusion with it?

See one thing, Incantation + Diablerie grant other virtues or infernal abilities, included Summoning, Second Sight and others like that, they could make appear one sobrenatural being and make obbey them and then it is a good sustitution for Summoning.
More things, by story things, that tradition are related to Adramelech that rules for fire and other things and is accompanied by infernal ghosts, that make sense that they don't need or want that theirs warlocks work with others spirits so easy. The Efussion's for the elemental ruling for Adramelech.
Thanks for your thought.