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I am bad at creating creatures.
I am also poorly familiar with RoP:I.

Basically my troupe are investigating the fallen Covenant of Stellasper in the Isles of Scilly (technically in the Regio that contains the pre-drowned Isla Scillonia), and they are about to have mermaid trouble.
I thought I could add an Infernal element - the infernal morgen calling itself Princess Dahut/Ahes of drowned Ys is stirring up the mermaids. Throw in the piratical heirs to Eustace the Monk looking for Eustace's pet sea-demon, and this should satisfy the players' craving for a combat session.

However, I don't know how to design the infernal morgen Dahut, nor do I have a feel for how much Might she should have. Can anyone give suggestions?
The primary combat mage is based off of the Flambeau template in the main book, with a couple of seasons studying.

PS the YS/Paris correspondence may allow me to segue into a Faerie themed story for some other players.

To gauge the Might of an Infernal Creature, refer to RoP:I p.30.

What order would Dahut belong to? I'd be tempted to place Dahut in the Deluders myself, given that her story is based on trickery to acquire the keys and that illusion powers would fit very well with a siren-like creature (see also the lion and the lily p.47). Tempters could fit as well, but that Order is often for rank and file which she probably shouldn't be.

Once you've determined the order, next comes the rank. She has too specific a story to be rank a file, so I would definitely assign her a rank. Assuming you go for Deluders, per the book: "Master and Lord are uncommon, Duke is unusual, Prince is very unusual." I would rule out Prince of Hell. Princes would likely be quoted in religious materials, in my mind. They are counted on the fingers of a hand. She's not in the bible - she remains a regional legend. If you believe the legend literally, that she was personally seduced by the Devil in order to flood the city, a high rank would remain nonetheless plausible. It is doubtful the Devil's personal attention would fall on a mere Master. Also, the legends say that she was quite powerful, probably a sorceress, before her death. Which leaves you Lord and Duke, which gives you a Might range of:
Lord Deluder: 15-35
Duke Deluder: 20-40

I would tend to place her in the 20-35 might range myself. How powerful you want her to be will depend on your game. Frankly, if your most combat worthy is the base book's Flambeau with a few extra seasons, anything above Might 20-25 is likely to make her almost immune to anything your characters can throw at her without hunting for an arcane connection to multiply penetration and adding vis to spells. Especially since it's doubtful a city flooded by a demon is not in an infernal aura if the demon is still on site which means spellcasting penalty and higher magic resistance for her.

For further inspiration on how to design Dahut, you could look at the Siren in Sub Rosa 2 (that's a magical one, however).

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About might, it depends on how easy you want the combat to be / how do you want it to be solved. The corebook Flambeau has, for the following mights, roughly these chances:

  • Might 15: Pilum of Fire hits every time except on a botch. Ball of Abysmal Flame hits around 2 out of 10 times.
  • Might 20: PoF hits every time except on a botch. BoAF hits 4% of the time.
  • Might 25: 70% of hitting with a Pilum of Fire, and 0% chance of hitting with BoAF (to hit would require a double 1, it has no statistical significance for the average combat).
  • Might 30: PoF would hit once every 10 times. BoAF, pretty much never.

This doesn't consider auras or penetration, so the percentages could go up or down a little.

You don't need a gigantic MR. Might 15 could offer an interesting combat, specially if the demon has a high soak. If you want to make things hard I'd put it at MR 25, but no more, unless you want it to be a physical combat. Remember that if she is losing she will assume an spiritual form and flee. At that point it doesn't matter if she has Might 50 or 5, you can only target her if you can detect her, and Intellego is useless for that.

Then there is the point of how you are going to use Dahut. Main antagonist or mastermind (in other words, the main fight is against Dahut or against the mermaids)? If the antagonist is Dahut, you might want a higher Might and combat stats, and Dahut should have more destructive/impactful powers. If the mermaids, lower stats, and Dahut has powers to manipulate and coerce.

What is her role in the story? She aims to destroy, delude or corrupt mankind (see RoP:I p. 48)? This also says a bit about her Order. From what Wikipedia has to say about the legend, I'd frame her as either a Spirit of Deceit or a Tempter. Note that she doesn't need to deceive the players, she can deceive the mermaids. She can also wreak havoc on the mermaids' lair and let the trouble reach mankind.

For inspiration on what kinds of roles she might have / how she would accomplish her objectives I'd suggest you to give a look at Valefar (p. 56), Ataf the Separator (p. 59) and Berith (p.59). Rahab (p.74) and Xaphan (p.76) provide inspiration for a mor destructive demon.

Remember that depending on the role you want for her you can just pick a stat block, make a couple of changes (for example, change Xaphan's fire related powers for water related ones, or pick Rahab and reduce his might), this might be easier than designing a demon from scratch.

It depends on how strongly bound to the rules you want to be.

I found that the faerie knight (RoPF: p 78) is a good opponent, stat wise, for characters in their first years. You might bump it to IM 15-20 depending on how hard you want it to hit with magic. Also, changing from Te alignement to Ig and adding flame like effects.

This would work for a demon pretending to be a knight.

That depends on whether your players are loaded up for demons or not. My lot have tumbled to the idea of casting Level 5 Demon's Eternal Oblivion with a Multiple Casting mastery. Might 15 demons evaporate before they get an action in combat. There's a delicate balance between demons that never get to do anything and demons that are too tough to take on, and I haven't found the balance point yet.


Since the main opponent was specified as a CrIg Flambeau I'm assuming no PeVi expert with mastered DEO.

That's not a safe assumption at all. The main demon-killer of my group is a CrCo Tytalus healer.