Inflicting Multiple Fatigue Levels

In Ars Magica 5th edition, there's the spell: Invocation of Weariness. Pg 133 and its accompanying guideline: Lv 10 PeCo (Cause the loss of a Fatigue Level)

Is there a guideline for inflicting more than one fatigue level in a single spell?

I think the only examples are 1/round by making the 1-round, single-point effect have a Duration and a whole bunch at once by multiple casting. I would consult your troupe for a decision on multiple in a guideline.

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I suppose I just need to master it and multi-cast

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There may be a game balance reason that it doesn't give a guideline for a spell inflicting the loss of multiple fatigues levels, but I can't see it.

There's a level 20 ReMe mass sleep spell. As mentioned one could learn to master and multicast Invocation of Weariness. If the balance is about magi, a multi-casted lower level spell is generally a stronger option.

They put the effect level of losing a fatigue level as 1 level over the effect level of a light wound.
So just follow that standard. Medium wound base level 10, Weary base level 15; Heavy Wound 15, Tired 20; Incap 25, Dazed 30; Dead 30, Unconscious 35.

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Fatigue is core and I recommend applying logic similar to wounds of PeCo

Base 10 allows you to remove the 1st level of fatigue but no matter how much you cast it, it will not affect the 2nd level.

Base 15. Remove one level of fatigue. Can bring a target to be fatigued (2 levels of fatigue)

Base 20. Remove one level of fatigue. Can bring a target to fall out of consciousness

Base 20. Remove two levels of fatigue. Can bring a target to be fatigued


Isn't removing fatigue against the limit of energy, so impossible under current hermetic theory?

Healing fatigue is the lesser hermetic limit

Which makes it even more important to not allow a trivial base 10 effect to remove all fatigue


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Do you mean these guidelines to remove fatigue in the sense that people become more fatigued or less? Because making people less fatigued should be much more difficult, please.

This disagrees with canon. In canon the same base level is used to remove one level of Fatigue, regardless of how fatigued the person is. This is how multi-casting such a spell will take off multiple levels of Fatigue; otherwise that wouldn't work.

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Depends on how you read it

Canon says that a medium wound is of higher rank than a light wound. No matter how much you multicast a PeCo cause light wound.

I'm arguing that PeCo 15 handshake multicast should not have the ability to neutralize everything cospus related target and best way to fix this is to akin loss of fatigue to wounds.

I'm also not a big fan of PoF multicast but at least there you're playing with fire


Yes, but wounds work differently than fatigue. Cast one ritual and lose one faigue level, cast a second ritual, lose a second fatigue level - not the first fatigue rank twice.
All the standard ways of losing fatigue stack on top of each other and add together.
Why would losing them from a spell be any different?

Considering canon specifically says you can multicast a spell using this one guideline to remove multiple Fatigue levels from the same person, how else would you read it and be in agreement with canon?

Even the core book uses the same guideline to remove multiple Fatigue levels until reaching unconsciousness.

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