Initation Script for Major Mystery Becoming

I wonder if there is a public script for the Major Arcadian Mystery Becoming from HoH:MC 93?
If there is none what script was used for other campaigns to get introduced into this mystery?
Or did I get this Mystery wrong and you only have just to go trought the 3 minor Initations in your Lab?

It doesn't say if their are public becoming scripts as far as I can tell. However you DO need the major virtue from the mystery rite to perform the various lab activities.
There is also a line about the elders of the line initiating the other people into Becoming, so presumably at least some people have scripts, they may or may not be public though.

As this initation was done on different Merinata and Bonisagus mages from what I get from the text I was wondering if there is a Initation script somewhere in the book that I just have missed.
I dont have to much problem in writing a own script and send to the GM for aproval but seeing how other have done it would surly help to get a general direction.

Ah you mean a stated out script. No.