Ink and paints/pigments

I have compiled a little list of recipes for for different inks, general info about paints/pigments and how to go about making them. It is compiled so it can be used by players, and GM alike. The players will get a better feel for what they are actually doing (if they choose to partake in ink and/or paint making. And a GM could get some story seeds that would be based in something rather then just "you need to go get the paint thingy". Well that is my idea anyway. =)

The document is a compilation of various sources I have rummaged through and compiled. Hopefully making it easier for future persons. Well let me know if you find it useful and how you would go about using it, always nice to hear. =) I have also enabled comments so if you have any feedback on the document itself just let me know.

You can find the google dock here:


Spell name:inky fingers(ritual)
Effect:you can create any colored ink from your fingers!
Would this work for ink usage?

A better idea would be to use Mu to change an otherwise very durable material into ink, with say duration of day, and then you can use it as an ink until it "dries" overnight. Then you could have a book written in, for example, copper lettering.

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Covenants has a spell for that re: gold ink. It's neat stuff, and I approve of interesting ink.

Sorry but how do the ink spell relate to my original post?

My apologies. We clearly got derailed by the 6-month-later side-post. I like your document in browsing and will be reading it more in depth when I have time.

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