Inoffensive to Animals

I would reason that the merit works even if you have the flaw Blatant Gift, because there is no saying otherwise anywhere that I could find.

But I thought I'd check just in case...

I'd agree, since this is the only way to make a Magus, who is impossible around people but ok around animals.

BTW IIRC the old site featured some V&Fs making it possible to attain almost any combination of Gift Reaction (0, -3 or -6 Ability rolls) to Humans and Animals. Or perhaps only a few, which then inspired me to brew up my own. Never used them though.
So making a people-person, with no animal empathy was also possible.

Hi everybody,

In my opinion you can have any combination of
Inoffensive to Animals, Inoffensive to (Beings), Offensive to Animals, Offensive to (Beings) and one of these: Magical Air, The Gift, Gentle Gift, Blatant Gift

And if you allow a character to take "Offensive to" two times you can make up a "Blantet Offensive to ..."

With these combinations it is possible to develop a wide range of characters.


Laurel, one of my magi characters in our current Saga is a Merinate animal and herbam specialist. She has blatent gift and inoffensive to animals and shapechanger. It has worked nicely in our saga and makes sense with regards to the character's focus. :slight_smile:


And so it should be, the exact opposite with a snobby Jerbiton, who can socialize with people, but bother animals, is thus also possible. And to different degrees.
One could have Gentle Gift, and Offensive to animals. Or just regularl Gift, and pro/con towards animals etc.

Yes that makes sense.

I'm fond of the variations as well, specially the doubling, even though the cost would be different from Blatant Gift or Gentle Gift.