Insights for Mechana of Heron

First background:

In a campaign that I am running, my players tried to find the Sacred Band of Thebes to discover more information about Troy.

The entrance to the regio was guarded by a magical stone lion, which many years ago was damamged and replaced by a Mechana of Heron (probably made by Heron himself)

This Mechana has now also been damaged, and when the players encountered it, could not perform the leap that would provide access to the next level of the Regio.

The players took it back home to study it.

OK now for the question:

One player has made a successful investigation roll, and I wondered if people had ideas for cool insights that they could have gleaned. I could just go with a standard ReTe effect desccribing the ability to move, or a CrIm to talk, but I was looking for more imaginative insights.


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what about a ReVi or MuVi effect that allows movement between regio layers.

In this case the actual leap is purely a cosmetic, or coincidental effect. As mentioned above the spell-effect allows a group (Target:Group) containing the caster to move between regio layers. The spell works by the caster (and the rest of the group?) leaping into the next regio layer. In this way the leap is a part of the gestures of the spell in a similar manner to the "kiss" gesture in the PeCo spell "kiss of death". You could either have the caster leap and form a sort of tunnel that the rest of the group can walk through or you can have the entire group leap together.

Normally gestures aren't specified but in some cases they are, particularly where dramatically relevant. In the case you describe above I think my spell fits nicely.

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That is brilliant as the Magus in question has a magical foucus in "seeing beyond the mundane"


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If I was the player of a character with that magical focus I would certainly be interested in such a spell.

Personally I think that the application of that focus to the spell I described is doubtful. But it certainly is a relevant spell to the kind of situation you would expect to find yourself in with a focus in "seeing beyond the mundane".

You would have to answer some questions if you introduce a spell to jump between regio layers. Like does the spell allow you to see into regio-layers you couldn't see otherwise? Can you jump to layers you cant see? Could you invent a version of the spell with an Intellego requisite to allow you to first see the layers around you and then leap through them?

Of course the answer you give to these questions depends on your views of how to interpret the rules of hermetic magic. I personally do not have an agenda in posing these question expect to help you provide consistent rulings as a gamemaster and avoid being surprised by questions posed by clever players.