Anyone have a 5th ed. "insta-grog" generator?

Nope, but for a Swedish RPG that I game mastered I came up with a set of characteristics and modified them when I needed an NPC. I had a Villager, a thug, a soldier and an elite soldier template and modified the according to race and weapons when ever I needed an adversary. Use the samples from the rule book and modify them as you need. Change ability to another ability and change a virtue and or a flaw and you got a brand new character. Most players won't ever see the difference.

Happy hunting


Yup. I do the same. Changing the phisical aspect of the dudes (not important for combat) but keeping Perception and all the 4 physical characteristics constant. Works like a charm most of the time; the differences in performance of the NPC combatants is in fact caused by the differences in the PCs combat capabilities, but they do not perceive it that way, tending to see that some NPCs seem to be fighting better than others :slight_smile: