Intelego VIm x Supernatural Abilities

Intelego Vim can sense Supernatural abilities like animal Ken, Wilderness Sense, Secondary Sight and other supernatural abilities like hedge magic abilities?

and Superantural Flaws like licantropy or Visions?

Intellego Vim can detect active magic or traces of magic that has been used recently, but apparently not the possession of supernatural virtues by a character...

(The Gift is an obvious exception to this, however, since it is always active).

It should be able to. After all, it can detect magical creatures, including Hermetic magi (using magnitude of the highest art as their effective residue magnitude - of course, this is scrying). An extra magnitude will tell you if the effect is Hermetic, and permit the identification of types of non-Hermetic magic the caster is familiar with. Two magnitudes will give you the equivalent of technique and form or equivalent. The only question is whether identifying a supernatural virtue falls under the first or the second category.

Sniff out the witch (InVi 25)
R: Per D: Conc T: Smell

Allows the caster to smell the presence of magical powers (such as Hermetic arts or supernatural abilities affiliated to the Magic Realm) and their approximate power (plus / minus one magnitude). The spell does not grant any insight into the nature of the powers, but different types of magic smell different, and with suitable experience they can be distinguished. The spell will detect the highest supernatural ability, or the magnitude of the highest art for Hermetic magi. As with other sensory magic, the spell must penetrate in order to give information.

Using this on Hermetic magi is scrying and punishable under the Code.

Variants: an additional magnitude will give more precise information, allowing the detection of Hermetic technique and form, or nearest equivalent. A touch range, momentary duration variant (level 15) is sometimes used to detect whether someone has a particular power - e.g. whether your daughter has Second Sight.

(Base 5, +1 Conc, +2 Smell, +1 details for Hermetic/non-Hermetic or equivalent)

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