Intellego Imaginem/Supernatural Senses and Spell

I was searching one two senses version of "Prying Eyes", and i didn't find anything like taht (i have could fail to find it), so i've make mine.

And then i thought about the Virtues taht can you use to see in Darkness (Strong Faerie Blood and See in Darkness), i can imagine that both are compatible with this and others similar spells. But what happen with supernaturalel senses like magic Sensivity or (specially) with Second Sight?

This is about spells using sensory targets, which your spell technically does not, but I think it is a good start since it does essentially the same thing. First, See in Darkness remove a limitation from the mundane sense, so it would apply to the spell. Second Sight or Magic Sensitivity, however, I would judge to be themselves magical senses operating through the sense of vision, not part of the vision itself, so they are not displaced by your spell and do not work with it. But possibly you could add them to your InIm as additional senses, possible with a Vim requisite, costing you additional magnitudes: InIm(Vi) Base 3 use three senses at a distance: vision, hearing, and Second Sight.

Thanks for your response! I think than you are right.

My queston was about the interaction between some supernatural Abilities, senses on my first question and after taht i thought other thing to ask about interaction between Imaginem and hedge magic. If one magi can hedge illusion magic (Sjonhverfing, Faerie Powers, etc), how would Intellego Imaginem, specifically the base guideline to see through own illusions, work?

And about the spell itself... Is it right made?

Contrary to spells that just move your senses to another place (say, move your sight to a point at Voice range), this has a Room target.
I thus wonder if it's really possible to actively hide something from him, although he may fail to notice things. In fact, I can only picture this as a kind of global, quasi-omniscient, sight, that the human brain can't process as such. Probably the best way to model this is to allow him to shift his senses to any point in the room.

So, no, no problem with the spell :smiley:

Sure, it's just basically a copy of a canon spell with one magnitude added for an extra sense, no trouble there.

Copy, copy... I prefer to say version. I was surprised that nobody did before. I'll put on the Grimoire topic then.