Intellego Terram doubt and spell

Hi, i've seen that there aren't "Unhindered sense with earth or obstacles", how should be?
There are one base with Intellego Aquam, base level 3 to see one object and his surroundings, and Intellego Terram has it too, but is one level higher.... so should be higher the "unhindered sense"?
So one ray-x vision should be...


There is, actually - it's the second item in the base 20 list. "Make your senses unhindered by earth (for example, see right through a rock)."

Ok, sorry, my sight is so poor...
So the spell then is...
Edged Eyes
InTe 45
You see what ther are after the earth and rocks on your surroundings, if you maintain the concentration on the spell.
(Base 20, +1 Concentration, +4 Sight)