Intellego Vim to determine Nature of Might

Can Intellego Vim determine whether a creature has magic might or fairy might? If so, at what base level. Looking at the guidelines, none of them seem appropriate. Any thoughts or suggestions?

I would think it would be much like detecting what kind of aura you are in level 1. However there are a couple of problems with this. 1. That you will have to penetrate thier might to tell what might they have and 2. it would not work on demons or angels. Demons can always lie to inteligo spells due to thier nature and angels are immune to hermetic magic.

Not as far as I know.

Angels are definitely not immune to Hermetic magic.

You might not be able to penetrate their Might, though.

You should be able to detect any might other than infernal (and sometimes infernal as well, but that is rather unreliable...)

However, this would require a seperate type of spell for each realm.

No other thoughts on the base level?

Looking at the InVi guidelines, I would think InVi base 10 ("detect the traces of powerful magic" or "detect the recent presence of weak magic") would probably be reasonable if the creature weren't using whatever powers it might have (i.e. anything that required might).

If the creature was actively expending Might, I'd think the rules for detecting active magic (or the residues of active magic) would come into play.

Base 5 alows the detection of active magic.

If you see the creature for which your looking to learn the might than this is the base you are looking for.

If you want to know the might of a creature that has departed, base 10 detect the residues of active magic.

InVi 35
Gaging the Stakes at Hand

Your eyes can now see the actual weight of danger that you are facing if your spell penetrates the MR of the magical creature.

You will be able to actually an aura that sourrounds the creature. The stronger the might, the stronger the aura. While the spell is in effect, you can estimate the might of the creature to plus or minus one magnetude.

The body of the creature will allow you weight the remaining power that resides in the magical creature allowing you to estimate the remaining might points with a precision of +/- magnetude.

With this spell, you can also will tell if a creature is of supernatural origins or not, even if it doen't penetrate MR.

Amerilius of Tremere often used this spell with caution to gage level of danger when dealing with the magical beasts that lied in the nearby forest of his convenant. Many precious sources of vis were created or maintained by the creatures but not all of them were kindly to give them to strangers.

(Base 5, +4 Sight, +0 Mom, +0 Ind, +2 See an additionnal detail (magic Might & remaining Might points))