Interactive Map Project

My friend T. Batdorf started an interactive map for our saga, and after I added some custom icons and such, it seemed like it might be fun to share a collective version. It's a google map, so of course it is a modern map, but by putting covenants and places of power, etc. on it, you can trace distances, get relative geographic relationships, etc. I've made this version of the map public and editable by anyone, which COULD end up as a big mess, but if we can all be polite, it might be fun to add all published and fan-fic locations. Currently it only has covenants in the Roman Tribunal, because that's our saga's tribunal.

If you choose to add to the map:

  1. try to apply your addition to an appropriate layer. If there isn't currently an appropriate layer, just add one (tribunals for example).
  2. Please do not delete anything on the map. Feel free to post here for a proposed change, or if something is, in your opinion, misplaced, put a marker where you think it should be, and mark it as "proposed change" or something like that.
  3. I'm happy for you to put unpublished locations on the map (ie, your saga locations), but if you do, please put a note that labels it as such and be sure to put it in the "Fan Layer", and even better, tell us as much about it as you can in the note. We can look up what Magvillus is, but unless you add some details about your in-game covenant, it's nothing more than an icon on the map to the rest of us.

I think that's all for now. Let me know what you think: ... sp=sharing

FYI I did this for an online saga : ... E&hl=en_US

I liked the idea, but some books move some locations and deciding where it should be is not easy. I decided using that as a result.

I did this as well, and there are others. ... lgeS4ttdwA

I keep meaning to go back and put in known Portal links.

Those are really fun. Great jobs!