Interest? A couple of thoughts

I am done (for now) with epic scale scenarios, and have a couple ideas on what to do next, and would like feedback:
first let me say that I want to have a posting rate of once a day, or if that won't be possible for a while designating who will take over the character until you can resume the posting rate.

Now the potential scenarios:

  1. The Companions village: This game has no magi, just companions and grogs. You are in a small village which faces a crisis that you will need to go adventuring to death with. Hedge magics, priests, warriors, thieves, all the classic fantasy elements in the ars magica world but with Hermetic Magi somewhere far in the distance, most people you know have never heard of them.

  2. A sudden spring: you were all guantleted at different times, on different dates, in different locations, and yet you are waking up in a strange covenant right after, as far as you are concerned, learning the parma magica. There are signs that this is your covenant, and that you have lived here for a long time, side from the fact that you simply are not that old and have no idea what has happened to you.

Which of these holds the greater interest?


Personally, I think that Sudden Spring is the more interesting one. I can see the appeal of experimenting with some grog/companion-only play, though.

I would find the Sudden Spring more interesting, but that's because I find the rules for labs and spell/item design to be a huge interest for me. That stated, I'd probably play in either with eagerness - depending on the actual companions we have in that companion campaign.

Sudden Spring sounds interesting... So the idea if I'm understanding right are old magi now in the bodies of themselves as apprentices finishing their gauntlet in a strange covenant?

I'd be interested in sudden spring, too. Instant mystery.


More people who apparently were old mages reverted to who they were right out of apprenticeship both mind and body.

Ah, so they have starting stats of new characters, but think/know they used to be older and have phantoms of lost memories?

no phantoms of lost memories, just the resources, books, enchantments, correspondences and lab notes they had accumulated over the years.
Possibly their familiars who won't remember them either...

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So (not that this is the actual plot, but) kind of like an alternate timeline, where newly gauntleted magi wake up in their own future?

That would be one possible way to read the situation.

As a big fan of yours, I am interested in either direction, though I find the sudden spring to be a really interesting and compelling setting. I could see it lending itself to interesting roleplay and storytelling as characters establish relationships and work through the larger storyline.

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Ah OK, so all the infrastructure of being an older wizard (except it is their own), but with the stats of a young wizard.

Number two sounds very interesting. A mystery, the solution to which has huge implications.

From your comment about familiars does that mean nobody remembers the magi as well as the magi losing their memories?

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At the start you have no idea. I am assuming that nobody would have gotten a familiar before gauntlet however... if you take a magical animal companion they may wind up being your familiar with no memory of having forged the bond instead. Also worth pointing out they will in all likelihood not know each other at the start of the game.


Any restrictions on Houses for the magi? Any thoughts on the location?

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no house restrictions, your character can have come from any tribunal, though Thebes is not recommended due to language differences.
Another point regarding your future/pasts- as an example something I will specifically not do, but if your character had made a deal with the devil it would still be in force, both in terms of gained virtues and whatever you paid or owed.

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I'm game, when do we start?

I have put in a request for the forum now- to start off let's go ahead and post concepts, name- house- tribunal you have come from, and a general sense of where their ambitions lay as they finished their gauntlet before they woke up in the current situation. Note that the SG will have a lot of room to play with this- people's ambitions do change over time, but it will be a starting point.

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I'm also interested in the Second Spring saga.

Do you have a starting year in mind?