Interested in Joining an Ars Magica 5e Game!

Howdy! I've been a fan of the Ars Magica system, specifically 5e, for quite some time now. The only issue is that I've really only ever been on the Game Master side of things. So, I've come in hopes that someone has an open slot in a game and that I could possibly fill that spot.

As for what qualifies me for the role, I have a good bit of experience with the system as a whole, I have a knack for creating in-depth backstories, I have a plethora of voices I can do to distinguish between characters, and I'm someone who can easily act as a face or be quiet and let others have the center stage. If you have any questions to see if I'd be a good fit, feel free to ask or add me on discord at Mage8500

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I'm beginning an (online) 5E Ars Magica game.

We're currently in the process of generating characters and covenant creation. (This is taking far longer than I expected, but people seem to be excited!!)

I posted a thread in the Ars Magica general chat, so check that out, see if my style seems to agree with you. (It's a fairly large group, but I'm a bif proponent of "The more, the merrier"!)

If you like what you see/hear, feel free to hit me up for more info (websites/date/times, etc.); this will be a monthly online game, likely on Saturdays.

General Chat? Do you mean the Discord?

I'm interested also although I'll have to think about whether I want to commit to Sat. nights.

Sorry: its Ars Magica, not Ars Technica!! (Im a bit of a luddite.) :smiley:

I meant the General Ars Magica forum here on the Atlas Games site!

Gamewise, we do use Discord & Roll20, and Kumu fir character/relationship mapping.

Its only once a month, since most people in the group (myself included) play multiple games/nights. And we try to schedule 2-3 sessions in advance so people can plan their schedules.

We're pretty laid-back, though, and we try to realize life happens.

Ah ha! You posted while I was on a long vacation and when I came back I was ignoring all the old stuff!

One Sat a month is probably pretty doable. I'll look over the thread and get back to you.

No worries or stress.

Itl'l be a large group, and many people are just learning rules/setting, so expect a learning curve! (Im going over major rules/setting info as people brainstorm their concepts, but theyre grokking it quickly!!)

We'll be in the Greater Alps tribunal, and the Magi are 6 years out of apprenticeship. We havent done Covenant creation yet.

So far, its a very "Island of Misfit Toys" or "Black Sheep" vibe for the potential covenant! :smile:

I messaged you but I'll drop it here also.

Since you seem to be still willing to accept new players what is the best way to get up to speed? It feels that if others have already done character creation there should be some info to share so a new character doesn't step on the twos of an already created one. Should we use this thread, message directly, or is there another way.