Interlude - Strange Ocean Creature

Quick play summary
The strange damage to the Ogilvy's main fishing boat was traced to a strange metallic swimming creature. It is 20 paces long, and appears to be made from concentric whirling razor sharp discs, all bound along a steel spine.

Maximilian was able to trace and temporarily control the creature, causing it to collide with the rocks off the coast of the covenant. It was noted that the creature initially resisted the effects, but still swam at speed toward Maximilian.

Session ended with Maximilian returning to the covenant, yet to tell the Magi what he had discovered...

Max intends to pass on all of the detail he has discovered to the other wizardly members at the next evening supper. Given the creature can be located with some degree of ease with the chosen spells the matter of how to capture it and disable it is now at the forefront of discussion.

Max ponders the possibility of somehow using the creature/construction to the covenant's advantage. I wonder if it could be somehow bound like a familiar? Such a creature would make for an excellent sentry for the covenant.

As Maximilian returns to the covenant, the fact that he is drenched does not raise the odd looks that it might on another Magus, being the wizard who regularly makes it rain. His purposeful strides do however alert a few servants that something is afoot.

One of the braver man-servants speaks up and says, "Magus, do you wish me to gather the other Magi? I know that Accalon and Callan were close by.".

Max eyes the man-servant with a smirk; admiring his courage to speak up Please.. yes. Have them assemble in the chamber as soon as possible, and have some hot soup bought; i'm famished after my swim.

Max casts a spont. spell to dry his clothes when the man servant has scurried off to gather the troupe and makes for the assembly chamber after stopping off at Petrov's still for a quick belt of potato spirits.

Much of the day has been spent by Max in the hunt for the ocean creature, as it is nearing evening you gain no hesitation or resistance from the servants on getting fed. Max also knows that the servants have begun to also notify the other Magi as he instructed.

Maximilian enters the Magi's Council Room and finds Callan already seated, probably for some time. His right foot is places on the chair next to him, leaning on one arm as he writes notes. A small folio of loose sheaf paper is beside him, an ink well, and a palm sized scratch pad, with many blots and markings at it's opened page. There is also a medium sized wooden box by his feet, latched closed. Callan looks ready for an interruption, and greets you with a smile, "..finances."

As the two greet each other and Max takes a seat one of the servants quickly enters and begins distributing the hot vegetable & ale soup, served with a fist sized cutting of warm bread, with butter and salt aside. A set of wine glasses and a recently opened bottle of wine were already on the table.

"How was your hunt?"

OOC: Other Magi can join this thread if they wish, as they arrive.

Productive Callan.. very productive. smiles Max.

It seems we have a visitor whose origin and form is most unclear. I am unable to ascertain for certain whether it is a construct or an organism; however I suspect it is construct by the nature of its construction and its movements.

Max takes a seat near Callum and sips at the hot soup before biting off a chunk of bread; and crumbling it into the soup.

After a pause: I cannot say definitely what 'it' is - only that I suspect it has something to do with the previous occupants of this place. More investigation is required; but trapping it is going to be difficult. although I can locate it with relative ease and even partially control its actions, I cannot seem to stop it or prevent it chewing into and destroying whatever it hits - including solid rock.

Max pauses to have some more soup and pours a glass of wine. He watches Callan for any sign of his thoughts.

It would make a most excellent sentry if we were able to gain control of; shall I call it 'the device'.

Changing the subject for a moment Callan; how go the finances?

"As a form of construct, Accalon may well be very interested, and very suited to a detailed investigation. By your measure the next step is probably to capture it properly. I am happy to assist there, if you are able to again hunt it tomorrow afternoon. Perhaps with two Magi we can conspire to restrain the creature for enough time. I also like the possibility of the Device being re-used. We could certainly be helped with some protection".

(OOC: Assuming that a bit of magi banter about forms and spells will take place which gives some magical context to the tasks. Given Max has Incomprehensible flaw (? can't recall for sure ?) it might take a long time to get to the details, so others might be able to chime in.)

"[i]If proclivity for expenditure was a virtue, this covenant would be blessed."

"I had not given autocrats and merchants their due respect when it comes to financial arrangements. Alas, we are running short, and soon we will be in dire need of regular funding. I have been able to staunch the expenses a little, and add the odd supplement here and there. Overall we are poorly placed to continue to grow, and will probably start to loose covenfolk within a year.[/i]"

"If the salt endeavor is successful that will assist greatly, as would the quarry. Either might be enough for us to get our heads above water, if we manage both we might start growing again; very slowly growing."

(OOC: Yes Max has the incomprehensible flaw - but will do his best to get the idea across)

Let us hope then that the Verditus magi can work his magic with the salt device sooner rather than later then. It would be most unfortunate if we were to run out of funds at this point and start loosing staff.

Has the Italian left yet? I hear he was going to seek out some possible trade.

Pauses to consume some more soup and bread before a large gulp of wine.

I think we should endevour to capture this construct. If you can assist with controlling and capturing it I feel I can locate it with relative ease.

(...after the quasi-incomprehensible hermetic banter), Callan continues to drinks the wine, emptying the glass.

"Valentino has left firstly to deliver some messages for the covenant to the Redcap living in Glasgow, and then he is traveling south to sniff out salt mercantile opportunities. I remain hopeful. At the very least we will get an impression of how he survives and performs as a representative of the covenant. Given his brothers position I am hoping that he is successful, as I would not wish to have to punish or deride him openly. I am planning to interview the grogs in detail when they all return, to find their reaction."

"Otherwise yes, I think that if you can find it, I can probably capture it. I am not sure what we will then do with the creature, as holding it may prove tricky. Perhaps if we can prepare some circles, we can suspend it."

Callan stands and hands Max the remaining half bottle, and nods his head politely, "I'll take my leave now and consider some preparations. Shall we say midday tomorrow?"

(OOC: I'll jump to the next day unless you have extra questions?)

Max nods and smiles as Callan hands him the bottle excellent

Max then takes up a quiet corner near the mirror he acquired with the remains of the bottle of wine and settles down with the imagonem Summae to catch up his studies muttering to himself about the incomprehensibility of it all compared to the elements.

As the moon rises and the night wears on Max will retire to his chambers and will not reappear before the sun rises in the morning and the smell of breakfast wafts up from the kitchen.

[O.O.C I assume I can locate a mirror with relative ease?]

Yup, done. Lets say that was a component of what you previously grabbed for studying from. No dramas, unless you're looking for something high quality, then we might need to chat. A moderate sized mirror is not a drama given what you'd previously asked for.

By noon the next day there has been some odd subtle changes around the covenant. Overnight two magic circles have been set into the ground, the first on the very slim lower edge of the cliff face, near where the rocks enter the water, and the second on top of the cliff peering out to sea. Both are about 2 paces in diameter.

Callan joins Maximilian at the water's edge on the lower rocks, and they both peer out at the ocean.

"If you can locate the beast, and draw it near, then I will move it to the circle and trap it there. Then we can begin looking at it closely. I will follow you out over the water too, so we can assist each other. From what you described the creature could be rather dangerous."

Callan breathes deeply, and floats slightly off the ground. "A few weeks ago I had some of Carrick's men acquire some loadstone, which should make my Rego casting slightly easier", he says holding a finger sized lump of dull gray stone in his right hand.


  • Your flight is faster than Callan can move while floating around with his spont spell, but he can move fast enough to catch-up eventually, particularly as you are probably searching in a pattern.
  • you know the creature moves in and out of the same areas often, but not that it has a pattern of any sort.
  • We'll need some spont rolls to view and search like last time. I can't recall the exact rolls we used, so....
  • To view through the Ocean: Use a Spont cast InAq5 effect. (d10 + Intellego + Aquam + Stm + Virtues, etc)/5 vs level 5. Duration: Sun, so 1 needed for today.
  • To Concentrate while Flying: Int + Concentration vs 6. Failing this puts you in the water, unless you spont cast a spell to save you from the fall.
  • Casting one spell while maintaining another: Int + Conc vs 12.
  • For the search: We'll use the accumulated successes mechanic, where each (Perception + Awareness vs 9+) pass gains 1 success, and any botches remove all successes. You need 5 successes to "find" the creature again.
  • I think you used a Rego Terram spont effect last time to get it's attention. So tell me what level you're going to use...
  • It had some form of Magic Resistance, you are not sure what level.

OOC: If you prefer then write in your calc'ed stats and I'll do the rolls. Akin to what we're doing in DH.

OOC: I think I need your assistance to work out the details, rolls etc. Ideally I think you need a copy of my Character for this sort of thing. I'll try and send it over as PDF.

Callan, we need to be careful. My experience with this construct suggests its both intelligent and dangerous and quite possibly unpredictable. Once I locate it, I will attempt to direct it to your nominated location for control and capture. Do not be alarmed if you see me fall into the water as I search and attempt to direct it - the spells I am casting are near the edge of my limits and fatigue is likely. Should I fail to surface a few moments after I strike the water, you can start to worry...
smirks Max.

Are you sure you can hold it Callan?

Hmm, math & arts heavy stuff will certainly be tricky. Sent over your sheet. I'm really happy to guide you through, but you still need to give descriptions of what spells you are trying, and take a guess at the approx Tech & Form & Level you are aiming at.

As a sample of the type of description:

Callan replies "Ha! Maximilian my friend I'm not sure at all. But waiting teaches us nothing.", he smiles and begins moving slowly out over the water.

Max smiles at Callan at his flipant response; watching him float over the water and admiring the grace of it all.

Max pauses.....

Taking a moment to soak in the elements, the wind, the salt spray...there is a simple pleasure in the elements thinks Max. I must spend more time on the coast taking in the rugged beauty, grandeur and raw power. Staying locked in that covenant is not doing me much good; I need to be out in the elements learning from them.

Max ponders for a moment the fun he gets from having left his chamber exposed to the raw elements of nature as the salt spray wisks across his unshaven face. He smiles; a large and long smile... and starts to cast a spont spell to see through the waters of the ocean...

It would be a Intellego Aquam effect (Perceive Water), with a rough level 3 base, then extended up to level 5 to use the Sun duration.

[Spon spell InAq5 = (roll + Intellego 2 + Aquam 5 + Stm 3 + vs level 5. And will spend a fatigue level.]

Max peers into the void that used to be the ocean - the thrill of seeing the sealife swim through the air making him chuckle loudly.

[Wings of the Soaring Wind - Creo Aurum Level 30 vs. Maxs Credo 14, Aurum 12+3 + Stamina 3 + GM roll]

[Assuming successful cast] Max, with the wind in his hair speeds toward the creatures last known location to begin his search pattern.

Once located (assuming he can locate it) Max calls loudly to Callan: Callan, my friend.. I hope you are ready for a true wonder.. I have located the beast and it moves hither. Are you prepared?

Demetrius for the most part spends the time resting and recovering, Sym and Malak's daily visits has made healing much more bearable.

He continues reading the Animal Sumae...capture that creature they shall he quietly speaks to himself; then takes a quick glance about just in case he was overheard. Although no one else is in the room.

If the creature is captured he'll venture there for a look. There may additional information gleaned due to being so close to the creature.

OOC: I cannot remember what library artefact (if any) Tregus is assigned this season, or having been out of the loop for some time, even what season it is?

In any case, Tregus has been fairly confined to quarters studying, but has recently begun to appear more of an evening, sharing meals with magi again. During the days he has either not to be seen due to being in quarters, or been spending some time surveying the general area and island in detail, flying in bird form most of the time.

All Max's casting are successful, and despite the fatigue he begins searching. After an hour or so of searching Max finds the creature. It appears to be quickly swimming in a large circle around nothing in particular 30 feet underwater from what you an discern. After a quick wait Callan catches-up close to Max and spont's the same Intellego Aquam spell to see through the water.

"It is more interesting that I pictured, by far. As we are some distance from the coast, the travel might be slow to get it across."

Callan closes his eyes and begins concentrating. A few moments later the creature stops circling and instead travels slowly upward toward the two Magi. As it gets within a few paces it turns and points toward the covenant, and moves forward just below the water. As it moves off, Callan also moves after it at the same pace.

"Success Maximilian, now to just get to the coast."

The journey is sluggish back to the coast of the covenant, but eventually the Magi and creature are both on the rocky outcrop at the water's edge. Callan pauses as he concentrates further, and the creature swings upward vertically and is held suspended over the magic circle carved into the rock.

"It is held, although I think that it is rather displeased by being held. The circle will hold until it is marred, so we have some time. I do not know what the effect of being out of water might be."