Interoggatory of Frederika (Summer 1236)

Then so let it b written, so let it be done :slight_smile:

To close this tale out, Cannonball recieves an award of 2 points of Fortune. Not Fredrika, Cannonball the actual player. Keep track of this. It is like Confidence that can be used on any character you play.
For xp, that is based on what you do with your season.


And I am so very glad no one pressed her on her answer to the Infernal question :laughing:

So, in your opinion, we should be sharing the secret of Parma Magica with non-hermetic wizards?

Clarisse told me at times of a tradition from the muslim lands, or something like that, called the... Ijazah. If I remember correctly enough, it is very interesting, actually: As far as I understand, muslim scholars favor teaching, but consider that not everyone should be a teacher, only one deemed worthy enough.