Interoggatory of Frederika (Summer 1236)

Master Vocis of Tremere requests a meeting of the General Council for the purpose of considering a pledge he is sponsoring. Frederika Ex-Miscellanea.
Some members are still away, such as Solomon and Roberto. But we still have quorum.
Frederika is invited into the coucil chamber. The magi sit at a V shaped table pointing away from you. In the back a fireplace roars. The room is illuminated by four great magical lanterns. Above the fireplace is a tapestry of the coat of arms of Andorra Covenant, (Peregrine forgive me I forgot the terms :blush:) a drake and a griffon grappling.
Sitting at the point is Madam Pontifex Carmalita Perez of Flambeau, dressed ornately in a black gown of silk and lace decorated with silver. The seemingly young maga bears a stern and regal countenance.
To her left sits Master Vocis of Tremere, whom you have met. To her right sits Mistress Arachne Ex-Miscellanea, the Spider of Andorra. The withered old crone wears intricate web patterned lace, and her eyes are full of mystery and wisdom.
There are more. Acutus "Sharkman" Bjornaer, an imposing and stern man. Kesara of Flambeau, whom some say is the Lumina. Fleur of Bonisagus, the salacious genius you were told of that will work with you on the library. Antoine of Verditius, an eager young magus sitting attentivly. Pere of Jerbiton, who looks quite bored. And I think that's everyone.

Carmen looks at you inquisitively, as if she is trying to make a decision already. She then smiles and says Salve sodale. Vocis has told us of your desire to join our covenant as a Journeywoman in service to our chapter in the Balearic Islands, Sa Dragonera. He also told us a few things about you and what he knew. So I am interested in hearing you speak and tellings us a bit about yourself.

((As of Summer 1236, Antoine's still just a Pledge - unless the emergency promotions have happened already. Surely he doesn't get a vote?))

Forgot about that. You can still be invited to attend meetings. And the rule is up to seven seasons, not a minimum of seven. Perhaps after voting on Fredrika, the council will discuss promotion.

Frederika had presented herself before learned masters many times during her education. And this experience showed, now, in her demeanour: practiced confidence, and respectful self-assurance.

"Madam pontifex, esteemed members of this council,"

"I will gladly answer your questions: I hail from the Rhineland, but have spent these past years in Italia. As a mage, my tradition is small and scholarly. I am also a doctor, educated in Salerno. My tradition prizes knowledge, my education prized knowledge - I prize knowledge: its creation, its sharing."

"Meister Vocis spoke to me of his grand plans for your library, and your commitment to teaching. You wish to know about me: these are things I value highly. They're things you offer. If you accept me, I am ready to do my duties. I can help you fill your library. And in return, I ask only that I might participate in these endeavours."

If I need to roll anything, I'll angle for Intrigue: Frederika's treating this as a transaction: she has things she can offer, and is willing to prove she's an agreeable person to sell her part of the 'deal'![/size]

Carmen squints contemplatively at you, then startsup her gattling gun.
Whence came you? The covenant of your apprenticeship and others you have resided at. What came you here to do? What are your ambitions in life? What are your magical goals? Are you now or have you ever been a member of House Diedne or a Diedne sympathizer? What are your strongest Arts? What value do you hope to bring? What rivals an enimies do you have? What is it you value most? Who do you love? Is it better to be loved or be feared? Who watches the watchmen?
What is greater than God, worse than the devil, is had by the poor and needed by the rich, and if you it it you will die?


Frederika snapped back promptly, responding decisively (and with more than a little relish):

"The covenant of Minori, - the covenant of my training, and the only one I've lived at thus far. I came here by way of meister Carles from Barcelona, he suggested I could be of assistance here. My magical goals are to advance my art, and share my discoveries. I know precious little of House Diedne, and with good reason."

"My magic is at its strongest when controlling and creating - particularly Terram. I hope to bring you a full library, and I have no rivals or enemies for 500 leagues. I value your acceptance most of all right now, and I love no one here and no one with all my heart." She paused for a moment, and took the time to breathe; thinking how best to apporach the final questions...

"The last questions are more philosophical: love or fear? Fear is easier to induce, and every party involved knows where they stand - but it can breed resentment, and fails if you show weakness. Love is the opposite; murky and fragile, but it doesn't care if you're weak or strong. I would choose clarity and ease myself - fear - but I won't refuse love."

Becoming more animated, she moved to the custodes: "And the watchmen depends on what school of thought you follow. Reading only into Juvenal, then no one guards the watchmen and she under their care is free to come and go as she pleases. For a price. But if we draw parallels with Plato and his guardians, then the watchmen themselves watch the watchmen. By playing them against each other, and turning their corruptible nature to our advantage, or by instilling within them the goodness of God such that they don't need watching. It's hotly debated, to be sure."

She stopped, she smiled.

"And your last question is nominally a riddle, and 'nothing' its accepted answer. Unless you were looking for something else?"

[size=85]Wow, Frederika is full of herself. She's proving pretty fun to write![/size]

Carmen smiles as you respond correctly to the riddle.
Pere of Jerbiton leans back and yawns. He whines "[color=green]Can we get on with the breath test already? I'm bored!"
Carmen glares at him. "You are on your last leg mister! I will deal with you latter. "

Fleur speaks up "What knowledge should be restricted, from whom, and why? Consider well your answer."

"If anything must be restricted, let it be restricted by the Just for the benefit of those who are not yet ready to know." Frederika paused a moment. "But why restrict when we can educate?"

"Ignorance is the province of fools. Consider, Adam and Eve were not thrown from Eden for knowing. They were cast from Eden for knowing too soon. Knowledge isn't dangerous, and knowing isn't a sin. But you can be unprepared, and that can be dangerous. So learn - seek teaching. Teach - and improve all our lot."

Perhaps you are being over philosophical. In fact, I know you are because you came up with rosy anwers to some of my off the cuff bs questions.
Seriously, some knowledge should be restricted from some, and it is not as philosophical as you state. For example. knowledge of the Parma Magica should always be kept from non Hermetic magi.

"You mention the Parma Magica, but that's the best example we have of what can be gained by sharing knowledge! The Order was founded by sharing the Parma, and by gaining knowledge in return. Everything we have is proof that we are better for not hoarding what we know greedily!"

Sudenly, Frederika stopped and sighed: "But it doesn't pay to ignore the world we live in. That much is true. It's just a shame."

She bent down a little, and straightened out her dress.

"Also, do forgive me if I seem used to this. I've been questioned in fora like this many times before.

Vocis speaks up. "[color=blue]She is young and idealistic. She understands the real world. She just wishes it was different. She yet does not know how to tailor her tongue."
Caemen looks at Fredrika with one eye.
Indeed. How many years do you have as a maga Frerika?"

There will be more dicussion and questions. But to help save time I will present the Interoggatory.
At some point Fredrika will be asked to voluntarilly lower her Parma and subject to Frosty Breath of the Spoken Lie, and then be asked a set of questions we have set and determined previously. Every member has gone through this, and there is some leeway for screwball answers.
What is most important is that she answers truthfully. Her responses will be entered into the record.
Vocis gave her a list of the questions ahead of time so that she may prepare herrself. These are the same as presented in Sharkman's and Antoine's thread. The list reads as follows...

When the time comes, the interrogatory will be administered by Arachne, or possibly Kesara. Solomon is not present, but the questions are Quaesitor approved by him.

"Would you teach a Diedne the layout of our covenant? A child the horrors of the crusades? A priest the clientele of a brothel? Not all knowledge is academic."

"I completed my gauntlet this past Spring," Frederika stated matter-of-factly.

After that the questioning continued for a time. With meister Vocis' prompting, she made an effort to dampen the fire of her...excitement. Her discretion was noticeably forced, but she hoped it was better than being provocative: this wasn't a debate.

But she allowed herself one more point of disagreement:

"I...would, actually, like to teach more children about the horrors of the crusade..." There was regret in her voice. "I've seen too many boys, so very young, maimed so very badly. For glory, and for less. They should know that before they have to see it. At least a little. So they don't march off so blindly."


When the Interoggatory properly begins, feel free to assume Frederika lowers her Parma as required. [/size]

Unto death we charge. All mortals must die. But I would agree that children should be taught the true meaning of grlory and honor. Some crusaders I have met are lacking.

Feel free to post your responses to the Interrogatory :smiley:

Eventually, the interrogatory began. And Frederika submitted the Frosty Breath, answering the questions as best she could:

"I have never knowingly supported a Diedne, nor sought to aid their cause. I do not intend to harm you, or this covenant. I do not think myself the sort to be mentally compromised, chills me to admit I do not know how I would know if I was. My pride would not allow my loyalties to be bribed so easily. And I have never summoned, plan to summon, or willingly consorted with daemons of any kind. These answers I swear are the truth!"

Let us bump this ahead. All NPC's in my control vote to accept. Any other players with characters that have a vote have until Friday at Noon (CST) to cast it or I shall automatically consider in an Aye :smiley:

Antoine adds his tuppence-worth: Well, I don't have a vote; but if I did, I'd be in favour. Our library is something to be proud of, but equally something that could always be improved.

So before we hand wave voting Fredrika in, we need to establish that she is taking the Sa Dragonera offer. Correct?

Yes, that's the intention. And given other people want stuff to happen down there too, I'm happy to head that way!