Interpretation of the spell family "Piercing the X veil"

In my group we have recently had a question come up about the family of spells represented by the spell "Piercing the faerie veil" in the core book (the rest of the spell family being those spells that peer into regiones of other realms).

The spell seems to allow navigation between regio levels but we are unclear about how to interpret the text. My wife likes to make plots that center around finding our way into regiones, so the exact interpretation of the spell kind of matters to my group. (the same can be said of the supernatural abilities that allow navigation between regio levels like second sight and magic sensitivity.

The description of the spell reads as follows:

This spell allows the caster to see through the boundaries of regiones, and therefore divine the path to the next level (more details about regiones are given on page 189). There are separate but related spells for Divine, Magical and Infernal regiones. (Emphasis mine)

what does the phrase "and therefore divine the path to the next level" entail? Does casting the spell allow the caster to cross regio boundaries no matter how difficult they would normally be to cross? does the spell allow the caster to see the regio or into it even if the border would not normally be transparent?

Lets say for example you come upon a clearing in a forest that contains a regio that is only accessible by night. A magus comes by in daytime and casts a spell to pierce the regio veil, and sees that there is a version of the clearing that is a regio. Can the magus in this situation step right into the regio even though it is not "open" in the usual sense or can the magus merely get some clues as to how the regio might be entered, e.g. by seeing that regio version of the clearing is dark and starlit and thus deduce that it can only be entered at nighttime?

What if the regio boundary is not geographically meaningful? like e.g. if the regio entrance takes the shape of a locked door that only opens under specific circumstances? Does the spell allow the magus to unlock the door even without the special circumstances? does it aid in guessing the circumstances?

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ArM5 p.189 has: "There are two ways to enter a regio voluntarily, and either or both may apply to a particular regio. The first involves seeing into the regio and then crossing the boundary. This
requires some supernatural ability. <snip> The second way of entering involves following a particular path or ritual. <snip> At least one of these methods of entry must apply to any regio, at least if it is to have any impact on the game."

ArM5 p.158 Piercing the Divine/Faerie/Infernal/Magic Veil provides the first way and references ArM5 p.189: so it does not override p.189, and does in general not allow to enter regios accessible only via the second way.