Intorductory event, magnificant abode, in character

Everyone playing should feel free to discus in character here even if I haven't given you approval for your character.

I've left specifics about the covenant vague.

It's fairly large, it has access to a river, Down the river it can gain access to the sea, up the river it has access to mountains.

Your size +2 lab area and personal domicile are left entirely up to your own design.

talk to you all next week

"Salve, soldales. I'll be in the library, buried in our Magic Theory summa, for the next six months. [OOC - I know we're hand-waving it, but this is the in-character spot.] I need to determine just how to align my laboratory with the surroundings before starting construction on it. It has to be just right..."

  • Amadeus (Chris)