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Some quick notes:

Local Setting and news

  • Most of France, and certainly Paris is well within the current borders of the Empires of Man.
  • Lord Versall Lightbringer rules in His name across the region; with Lord Versall's adminstratium spread through the old trade and merchant district of the city.
  • A new project is rebuilding The Chapel of Thorn Hill, a holy chapel within the trade district, which was smashed apart during the war. A relic to St Luke was rumoured to be found within the basement when the rubble was cleared.


  • Renalto the Innkeeper, and his wife, Isabelle - who run the inn on a daily basis.
    The grounds are large enough to provide a substantial garden, some animals, and plenty of storage; more like a very small manor house than just an Inn. Both are well regarded by the local community as people who care.
    Although Renalto is balding he is otherwise fit and hale. He married Isabelle about twelve years ago, after the two met during the end of the last war. Both look in their mid 30s, although truthfully Renalto is much older.
  • Rector Arnaud - the rector who acts as overseer for the body of works in your region of Paris. A reputable gentleman promoted from humble beginnings.
  • Brother Marko and Brother Oswil - two monks who frequently assist with all manner of charity work and labor in your local streets. Both approaching middle age.

I'll update this when things get added, or clarified.

Falconrider - Add anything before I get rolling on a story intro?

Daria part owns the Inn along with Renalto and Isabelle, working as a dancer with the local performance troupe. She helps Renalto and Isabelle care for the needy in town by providing free hot meals and clean water.