Inventive Genius and its experimentation bonus

Does the +6 experimentation bonus of Inventive Genius apply in addition to its normal +3 bonus or instead of it?

[size=85]P.S.: Let's not make this another discussion about when Inventive Genius applies at all - each troupe seems to have their own preferences in interpreting it. :smiley:[/size]

I always read to be "instead of" and not "in addition".

I've always played it as "instead," but it doesn't specify one way or the other. Off-hand I don't recall an example using it anywhere that might clarify things.


I've always assumed that you get +6 when experimenting instead of +3, if for no other reason than because the Virtue's description doesn't say "you get an additional +6." Getting a +9 to your lab total when experimenting feels a little extreme, to me.

I've always assumed it's "instead". Also, the sentence is a good (although concise) English sentence if it's written with with the "instead" meaning in mind; it's a relatively "bad" (although correct) English sentence if written with the "in addition" meaning in mind.

Always read it as +6 instead of +3, not additionally.


So far it appears that everyone reads it as +6 instead of +3.
Myself included.

Interestingly, that exact choice of phrase appears to have been unchanged atleast since the 2nd edition.

Does anyone disagree with 'instead of'?

Nope. Read it that way myself. Just wanted to get some input on this. :wink: