Invested Item Design: The Braumeister's Tap

Alright... I want to compare my design for this with what people see as necessary. It's right after my game, so I'll post my details and number breakdown until tomorrow.

In short: A golden tap, which when inserted into a barrel of liquid, even liquid as simple as water, will transform the liquid that passes through it into fine alcohol. There are 8 types of alcohol that can be produced: 2 beers, 2 wines, 2 ciders, and 2 meads (I think I'm remembering this right).

These types of drink are preset, and their temperatures are also preset (Ignem prerequisite) so that one variety of cider might be hot, for example.

This sounds like natural liquid to natural liquid, and the individual target effecting a large barrels worth of base liquid seems to work.

The duration is Sun, so +2 magnitudes.

I threw in a magnitude for the variety of liquids.

He also wanted the drink to change an unlimited number of times, so people could choose a different one of the eight drinks every time they filled a cup. +10 levels.

So, it'll be a golden tap.

Bleh, tired. Will post his stats tomorrow...


I had something like this is a homebrew game we run that is a product of my overactive and deviant imagination. It's the same sort of tap, and makes the keg it's affixed to neverending as well. It went fine until the tap was stolen and affixed to a different keg then tossed into a lake. Still, there are now beer nymphs in the game world, and no one seems to mind that a bit. And yes, it's a silly world.

Our resident Mercere carried a Mug that turned anything poured into it into his favorite brew. Knowing it wasn't permanent, he still chose what actually got poured into the mug. :wink:

Hm, since the tap is made of gold, it becomes too hard to enchant it since he's fresh out of Apprenticeship. Have to look over the enchantment rules again...