Investigating the death of Apollodorus Jerbitonis

"Fiona and Jacques are the only magi left who were here to witness it. After that, some of the Grogs might be interviewed."

Fiona is the giant blood maga with the hearty salacious appitite, right?

((She may or may not be keeping some of that information as secretive as possible. For example, she might have a stable of...admirers who keep her discretion. Her awakening, if you will, happened in 1225.2, before Roberto arrived, and Peregrine gets to define the parameters of Fiona's escapades since some extent.))

And Jacques. 8)

((She would try to keep her affairs as quiet as possible...harder than it sounds, since she tends to be rather vocal in bed. And Alexei may recall that she went booty-hunting amongst his turb the December before, and may recall that she seemed rather frustrated at the time. Which may indicate that she's not getting as much action as she may like.))

((I must have thought Jacques was fighting vampires, I'll correct it.))

Jacques was in the courtyard below when things happened, and never moved.
Fiona ran into the castle, later, that was done via PM, the responses in the thread indicate that Fiona just ran, but she ran because she heard Apollodorus's disembodied voice. She never witness Apollodorus going down, but she did see his lifeless body. Felt it, too when it was nudged up against her, prior to the shockwave coming back.
Fiona, Alexei, Deykin (and by accident of the SG saying the wrong name, Ulrich) are the only ones who saw Apollodorus's body, IIRC.

Roberto knows nothing about the giant maga's voracious salaciousness. That was me, the player, confirming who was being referred to.

((Well, I'm letting Roberto run with this, so this thread is effectively yours until I say it isn't... :smiley: It's not on a strict time limit, but you're free to investigate to the fullness of what you need, wither IC or OOC.))

In that case, Roberto will seek out Jaques next. And Invite Alexi. See, we Flambeau are used to being assertive with each other. Another magus may take offense, so I ask Alexi to help mitigate my natural brusqueness. And Fiona too. We should discuss this in a circle and seperate fact from conjecture.

Jacques can be found in the Library in this season. He is avoiding the Tribunal.

Probably wise.
Roberto sense a servant to ask Jaques and Fiona to meet with him and Alexi.

((Might be better one-on-one with Fiona since she is secretive. Just sayin' :bulb: ))

Jacques will arrive at the appointed time. He is dressed like a solider. There is nothing on is clothes that would say he is a magus.

[color=brown]Greetings. I require your assistance. Alexi and I are trying to reconstruct the incident where Apollodorus was apparently killed. Trying to seperate fact from conjecture. There is also the matter of some writings he left behind that are difficult to translate or decipher.
I would ask you to tell me everything you saw in the battle. Just facts, no guesses or presumptions. I have a hunch that some important details are being overlooked.

Jacques is thoughtful for a moment.

I answered an alarm. I armed myself, send out my friends as scouts and went to the courtyard to rally the guard. I saw 3 figures, darkly clad, come out of the regio entrance. I shot at one with my arrow but they had some magics to block it. I then tried to entrap them with Entangling Vines.

I heard Apollodorus say something but I did not hear it all. He did speak up and say that Valerian was there to kill him because Guernicus is a House of assassins. Or something like that. Knowing one of them was Valerian made me change my tactics somewhat.

Everything got kind of confusing with Magi popping around. One of them went behind me and was making a break so I pursued. I kept shooting arrows at him, and hitting, until Alexei popped in close and took him out.

((Correcting some facts. Jacques saw the figures from a whole in the tower that was blasted open. He never saw the trio cross the regio boundary, as it was the interior regio boundary that was used, the one that is enclosed by the manor house on the mundane (or +3) side, and the castle, with the tower that goes 50 feet into the air on the magical/+5 side., note that later Jacques was placed in the courtyard...

Not sure that it is reasonable that anyone but Alexey and Deykin heard what was spoken among Apollodorus and Valerian and the two others. But, such is the error of memory...))

Fiona arrives in a simple gown (green outer layer over a tan or homespun undergarment).

She smiles as she greets Alexei, then turns to Roberto. [color=blue]"Fiona ex Miscellanea, Kore tes Kirkes," she says. [color=blue]"I don't think I've head the pleasure."

Fiona raises a brow. [color=blue]"Do you feel that the Quaesitorial investigation may have been incomplete?" she says with a hint of a smile.

((If I recall, one of the terms of the charter was that Q was to investigate his untimely passing to be sure that he wasn't killed by one of Mons Electi, but I don't remember just who did the investigating. I almost want to say Laetitia, but I wouldn't swear to it.))

Is there a murder without a body. I attempted to pose this to the troupe earlier. Admittedly, there was some turmoil with players during that time, but it's very possible that Apollodorus was never claimed to be dead...
Laetitia may have reasonably cautioned that without the body, there is very little ability to claim murder, and we can handwave that attempts to contact the ghost of Apollodorus or find his body magically have been unsuccessful...

((works for me.))

I am starting to think this may be a case of twilight....