Invisibility as a curse/fate

I'm thinking about creating a maga who is permanently invisible.
At first glance, this seems a munchkin idea: Invisible = near invulnerable.
But that is not my aim.

I am more thinking of the trouble that arises at the inn when food disappears off a plate, or when she tries to live a normal life.

What I need help with is ideas how I can turn this boon into a challenge. I am also uncertain about the cost in virtues/flaws.

This is what I've got so far:

  • invisibility cannot be turned off at whim
  • objects<size 2 that are touched also become invisible (so putting on a cloak is no answer)
  • invisibility must penetrate (so it doesn't work against beings with a might score)
  • Do I have to restrict the use of Imaginem to create illusionary bodies?
  • she has to announce her presence to other magi somehow (scrying!)

I am not sure if she is Tytalus or Criamon.

Help? Ideas?


I would make the effect very difficult to turn off by "dressing" yourself in an illusion. Maybe you have to renew the illusion every Diameter since the invisibility effect recasts itself periodically? Same for painting yourself with paint or other mediums: Recast = paint becomes invisible,. so you are still messy and dirty, but invisible. Even if you "dress" an illusion, you would perceptibly BLINK every 2 minutes in a really noticeable way (puff of smoke, lights or sound that attract attention to you?). This can be really annoying for social interaction.

Stuill, being a magus, this can be avoided with certain easiness. Unless you make it count as a BIG flaw or a driving force for him/her to go out and try to get rid of the curse, I would say minor flaw. Yopu can build a pretty effective spy/assassin/burglar with this curse.

The best way to avoid this would be a kind of image from the wizard torn, but it being a CrIm effect to create yourself nearby.

Or you can have this effect kick in and out at random, depending on the SGs desires, so it is really annoying. And then it would be a Major Flaw for sure. Irt can drive both the character and you totally nuts :stuck_out_tongue: After all, we all know that most SG are dark faeries that get vitality out of frustration


I would make this a fog-like effect , so that all magic must be used at Touch Range (or Personal).
This is an effect that is otherwise invisible to anyone without Second Sight.

Your Maga can see normal things without a Might Score or Magic Resistance as if through a light fog.
Her spells that operate at Range greater than Touch or Arcane Connection have to Penetrate a certain value , perhaps.
The shroud/fog that covers her is similar to a Mentem effect (with Animal requisite) , therefore invisible to normal sight.
The Gift operates as normal.

Elegant solution! I like it :slight_smile: Makes "dressing as an illusion" useless since it is a Mentem effect. Your eyes register the maga, but your brain refuses to acknowledge her.

However, the effect needing to penetrate has the unwanted consequence that Magi can see her with no problems. The alternative would be to make it penetrate with a total of (say) 250, so that no magi can see her without spells. Magical beings are not affected by Mentem (usually) so they are immune to this effect.

Sorry , i meant that spells cast by the Maga might have to penetrate the fog/shroud effect
for ranges greater than Touch or Arcane Connection.

Let imagonem that are too close to the magi become invisible as well(or the part of it closest to the magi). On the basis of the "objects<size 2 that are touched also become invisible (so putting on a cloak is no answer)" rule, but affecting more because its "just illusions". Like, any part of an illusion within her near presence/"aura" fades out as if overwritten by the "aura". So anyone using illusions near her carelessly will have a part of their illusion fading where she is.

That makes a sort of twisted sense while keeping the problem, even adding a bit too it.

I was thinking about creating the Invisibility Curse/Fate as a Virtue and/or Flaw called The Mark of Cain.

It would be Divine-linked , hence not subject to dispell by Hermetic Magic.
A Curse from God , not just a Method/Power effect.

As a Virtue , it would be something along the lines of Mythic Blood.
Otherwise , as a Story Flaw.

You are effectively , invisible & inaudible (intangible?) to anyone without True Faith (rare in any event).
Those with Might Scores also being unaffected.

Just some random thoughts on the matter , without trying for a full write-up.

Maybe build it as a power using the rules for RoP: Magic. With a linked curse so that it is always on.
That way, you have both aspects, virtue and flaw.

As for illusions, noble parma, but IIRC, PeIm destroys a volume of species, so if you create an illusionnary disguise, it should also be destroyed.

IMO, ravenscroft Mentem solution is better, funnier and more elegant, though.