Letter delivered by Felix, the Redcap:

Salve sodalis!

You have come to the attention of the great and reputable covenant of Triamore. After careful consideration, we have decided to extend to you the offer of joining our Famous House on a probationary basis. We hope to determine if a longterm cooperation between Triamore and yourself would be for the mutual benefit. This probationary membership would free you from the fee, ordinary peregrinatores are required to pay, and provide you with the room and means to build a lab and access to the library and training opportunity we have to offer. In case insurmountable differences arise during your stay, we are willing to pay you no less than 3p of vis per season you spent setting up a usable lab (maximum 6p).
But of course, we hope to eventually be able to offer you full council membership and equal access to our considerable resources.
Please do not reply to this letter, but find your way to our covenant on the last Day of Christmas of the year AD 1219 if you want to accept our offer.

for the Council, Daria LaGris ex Tremere

attachment: A detailed report on Triamore by Lucius the Redcap