Ioannes the Academic

Game start sheet, in progress
Warping: 0 (0)
Reputation: Abandoned Family +2, Good Lecturer+2
Characteristics: Int+3 Com+5, Pre+2, Per+0 Str-2, Sta-3, Dex-1, Qik-1
Virtues: Magister in Artibus, Wealthy, Good Teacher, Great Communication, Great Communication, Independent Study
Flaws: Black Sheep, Low Self-Esteem, Higher Purpose, Fragile Constitution, Motion Sickness, Weak Characteristics
Romaic Greek 5 (Poems) [Native]
Classic Greek (Academic Usage) 5 [75]
Latin 5 (Academic Usage) [75]
Arabic 2 (Academic Usage) [15]
Area Lore: Theban Tribunal 3 (Schools) [30]
Area Lore: Roman Tribunal 3 (Schools) [30]
Artes Liberales 5 (Geometry) [75]
Athletics 1 (Walking) [5]
Awareness 2 (Cheating Students) [15]
Bargain 2 (Books) [15]
Chirurgy 3 (Burns) [30]
Civil and Cannon Law 2 (Eastern) [15]
Charm 3 (Nobles) [30]
Etiquette 3 (Eastern Nobles) [30]
Folk Ken (Nobles) 2 [15]
Guile 2 (Nobles) [15]
Medicine 5 [75]
Philosophiae 3 (Natural Philosophy) [30]
Profession: Scribe 2 [15]
Teaching 4 (Medicine) [50]
Theology:Eastern Orthodox 1 (Witchcraft) [5]

Experience Spending:
Romanic Greek 5
Area Lore: Theban Tribunal 3 (Schools) [30]
Awareness 2 [15]

Magister in A.=240
Latin 5 [75]
Classic Greek 5 [75]
Artes Lib 4 [50]
Philosophiae 3 [30]
Teaching 1 [10]

Age: 22 =340
Teaching 3 [+40]
Area Lore: Roman Tribunal 3 (Schools) [30]
Bargain 2 (Books) [15]
Chirurgy 3 [30]
Civil and Cannon Law 2 [15]
Medicine 5 [75]
Theology:Eastern Orthodox 1 [5] -210
Etiquette 3 [30]
Charm 3 [30]-270
Folk Ken (Nobles) 2 [15]
Guile 2 (Nobles) [15]-300
Athletics 1 (Walking) [5]
Arabic 2 [15]
Artes Liberales 5 [+25]
Profession Scribe 2 [15]

[size=150]Life Story[/size]
Ioannes was born the third son to a wealthy noble family in the Empire of Nicaea. He was the sickly child of his family, however his family arranged for him to get an excellent education with the idea he would make a scholar. They got him tutors and later a spot at Salerno. Ioannes took to it rather well actually. Upon his graduation and return to Greece he began looking for teaching jobs. The one that interested him the most was one offered by a magus.

He had only briefly heard of the Order of Hermes before, probably from a Jerbiton. The way he heard it, the Order was essentially a bunch of reclusive scholar-wizards who study for the general betterment of folk, and in particular keep would-be evil wizards from running rampant. They also occasionally do battle with demons and their mortal allies. He was also given the impression magi have a tendency to come across as suspicious and shifty, but this is because of the Church's persecution of sorcery. Magi seem like they're hiding something because they are. He somehow also got the impression that wizardry requires an inherent "gift" which is clearly from God. And completely on his own he came up with the idea that this "wizardry" is more akin to something an alchemist might manage than what's described as forbidden in the Bible, although more impressive in scale.

Needless to say he was pre-disposed to view the Order favorably, and when he learned that his humble self could assist with this endeavor all while getting an opportunity to teach, well he was glad to take it. There would be books to translate and they would pay him to teach one class a year. Order members getting preference on any classes, then the people who worked at the covenant, then people from the nearby villages or paying students.

Which is when his two older brothers decided to up and die. Fighting off bandits instead of corrupted crusaders. He knew it would go against tradition, but he decided to forgo his birthright in favor of his eldest sister, Alexandria, who was much more qualified in basically every way. She would clearly be the better choice for managing the estate as she had a lot more knowledge in that area while being just as mentally talented as him, she had a grasp of tactics and strategy few could match, and to top it all off she was magnetic. She could get a band of cowards to go to the gates of hell for her. If that wasn't enough Ioannes was sickly and weak while Alexandria was large, healthy and strong. Few men would be able to match her in strength, speed, stamina or coordination. While her actual training was lacking it was still better than Ioannes. She was actually competent with a bow and she had (minor) training in melee weapons.

It came as a surprise to Ioannes when his family responded spectacularly poorly. Alexandria was by far the angriest, although with good reason. She had adored her betrothed. It had been a long time getting a groom she would accept, but it worked out in the end. Except, when their father's lord found out Alexandria was set to inherit he promptly intervened, pressured the groom's family and the wedding was called off and then strong-armed their father into arranging a marriage between Alexandria and their father's lord's son. Alexandria and her new groom actually bonded over their mutual hatred of the new groom's father and fell in love, so it worked out. Alexandria is still extremely angry at Ioannes. Plus they all see Ioannes as a potential threat to the inheritance.

[size=150]Virtues and Flaws[/size]
Ever since he abandoned his birth right Ioannes has been a Black Sheep. While he believes he has a Higher Purpose, in the advancement of education and knowledge he is still Humble. Many though would call his humility actually just Low-Self Esteem, especially since he got his Magister in Artibus at age 20. After completing a two mandatory years of teaching his Great Communication and other talents that make him a Good Teacher have actually already made him famous as possibly the best lecturer alive. Despite offering just one lecture/course a year to the general public in a hard to reach mountain retreat he is still wealthy.

Physically he is far less impressive. His Fragile Constitution mean even minor illnesses can lay him low. His motion sickness makes him utterly unsuited to being any sort of knight or rider in battle.

<Post Four, Equipment and other Stuff>

[tab][/tab]Ok, lets see. First of all there is a slight concept flaw. In the Byzantine empire there were no institutions like Universities. It had an education system, but it was a balanced mix of lower public education and higher education by private tutors. There were two exceptions. The first were the educational schools for the church, like Chalki. These were under the funding and direct control of the Eastern Orthodox church, promoting a church doctrine. The second, and only public institution, was the Imperial University of Constantinople, which taught Law and Philosophy. However with the fall of 1204, it stopped working until Nicaea took back the capital around 1260 (and was under church governance after that). Being an Arbiter of Eastern decent is a tight fit. You could take Arbiter for one of the Italian schools, but you would have to travel. There are no higher education institutions in the Despotate. See my problem?
[tab][/tab]Hmmm... humble+ low self esteem and a famous lecturer at age 20, it kinda doesn't fit. Something is off. Profession: Scribe 2 I dont see it being bought. Philosophiae 3 I see you took reagents as specialty. Are you going for A&A Alchemical Reagents? Because someone else is doing an alchemist and I'd rather keep one unique character. I am also pretty sure you need Artes Liberales 5 for Arbiter. Last thing, its Romaic Greek nor Romanic (it means a totaly different thing) :smiley:

Luckily he went to Salerno which is Italian!

What? Great accomplishments and poor confidence mix all the time. I could drop famous though if you want? In that case can he still grab the Academic Rep of 2? A&A has that guideline. Of course, not using the A&A guidelines for Academic rep has benefits too...

(ST EDIT) Yes he already has that reputation 2 from A&A. I would suggest dropping either low self esteem or humble, either one is fine. Just a suggestion

Hmm? A lot of Profession: Scribe is just writing stuff. You do that a lot, especially in university note taking.

(ST EDIT) You did not pay for it in the advancement table. The points don't add up?

Hmm... what else would Philosophiae realistically get used for? Ceremonial magic and Ritual magic are out. Natural Philosophiae maybe? On a similar note, what about A&A medical theariacs?
(ST EDIT) My issue is trying to keep each character distinct. In theory Philosophae has Metaphysics, Natural Philosophy, Human Mind, Morality etc. Applied Philosophae is Experimental Philosophae. Alchemy is already taken by another character. You could choose Astrological Inceptions or Medical Theariacs (not both) and base this character on that.

Whoops, and whoops. Both fixed.

(ST EDIT)So this character has a tenure in Salerno then? Ioannes will have to travel back and forth, mostly by sea. Probably need some Italian language too.

Cat? Is the teacher done? Where is his tenure and how is he gonna travel there?

I fixed the scribe points, (took points from swimming and athletics) and changed Famous and Humble to new flaws/virtues.

I'd like for his tenure to be someplace close by. The wealthy virtue means he only spends one season a year teaching. I was thinking he could teach close by, like in a nearby village. As long as its within two weeks he can travel there teach, and return. If that's not possible he isn't a viable character. There are church schools? Could be a convenient monastic school in that distance? Could he work as a private tutor? Were is the closest place he could teach?

The reason I had famous originally is because then people would seek him out, so he could effectively teach anywhere.

Hmmm...villages definitely don't have the money to hire him. For closeby he will have two options.
a) Durres. its about 4-5 days away to the north. He could find some school to teach in or several wealthy patrons for private lessons.
b) Ioannina. One day away, but he will have to establish a school himself. That means significant capital, permission from local authorities and the church.

On that note. The wealthy virtue means he is a wealthy town's person, almost to the point of minor nobility. Its not enough to found his own school though.

One final point. Are you ok playing this character? I kinda get the vibe is not a character that can actually do adventures. He feels like someone on the background, teaching others. Any idea how you are going to play him?

Is he wealthy because of capital investments (real estate, caravan shares)? Or because of a patron paying handsomely for tutelage?
Is it impossible to find a noble/town official/church official in Ioannina who would hire a personal tutor? Wouldn't both individual tutelage and occasional small, unofficial classes exist outside of institutionalised schools?

Let's go with Durres for where he teaches. The magi could come with to take classes!

Let's go with an assortment of capital investments. Originally he was given them as another way to support himself and pay for his education.