Iosif Rosi (Companion Draft)

Name: Iosif Rosi
Age: 25
Size: 0
Confidence: 1(3)
Year Born: 1195
Gender: Male
Race/Nationality: Greek
Place of Origin: Near Marathon
Height: 180.34 cm
Weight: 63.5029 kg
Religion: Christian
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Handedness: Left

Int: + 1 (Educated)
Per: +1 (Alert)
Str: +2 (Fell-Handed)
Sta: +1 (Well-Trained)
Pre: +2 (Dashing)
Com: -2 (Pantomime Based Communication)
Dex: +1 (Dextrous)
Qik: +2 (Excellent Reflexes)


Premonitions (1), Piercing Gaze (1), Privileged Upbringing (1), Affinity with Single Weapon (1), Warrior (1), Mild Aging (1), Strong Willed (1), Puissant Leadership(1), Latent Magical Ability (1), Improved Characteristics (1)

Plagued by Supernatural Entity (Unknown Magical Being), Optimistic (Major), Driven (Minor), Greater Malediction (Magic Muteness)

Awareness 3 (Bodyguarding) - 15 - Early Life. 15 exp
Charm 2 (First Impressions) - 15 - Early Life
Athletics 2 (Hiking) - 15 - Early Life
Romaic Greek 5 (Reading) - Native
Civil and Canon Law (Or local Equivalent) 2 (Around Athens) - 15 Privileged Upbringing
Artes Liberales 3 (Grammar) - 30 Privileged Upbringing
Bargain 2 (Fine Goods) - 5 Privileged Upbringing, 10 exp
Single Weapon 5 (Swords) - 50 Warrior, 25 Affinity = 75 total
Premonitions 5 (Threats to Friends) - First Point Free, 70 exp
Etiquette 2 (Merchants) - 15 exp
Guile 2 (Lying to Customers) - 15 exp
Profession Merchant 2 (Keeping Budget) - 15 exp
Duchy of Athens Lore 2 (Personalities) - 15 exp
Chirurgie 2 (Binding Wounds) - 15 exp
Leadership 3 (Intimidation) - 30 exp
Ride 2 (Long Distances) - 15 exp
Animal Handling 1 (Horses) - 5 exp
Brawl 2 (Punches) - 15 exp
Folk Ken 3 (Townsfolk) - 30 exp
Stealth 1 (Hiding) - 5 exp
Survival 1 (On the Road) - 5 exp
Teaching 2 (Single Weapon) - 15 exp
Swim 1 (Rivers) - 5 exp
Carouse 1 (Staying Sober) - 5 Exp

Traveling Clothes, Longsword
Courageous +3, Optimistic +3, Stubborn +2


Born to a very wealthy merchant near Marathon, Iosif was the eldest of his family’s children, and meant to one day take over his family’s business. His father controlled a small fleet of ships which moved a variety of goods. Somewhere around the age of 11, Iosif’s father came into possession of a strange, but beautifully polished stone. In the dark, it seemed to glow a dim violet color at times. Some of his father’s friends begged him to get rid of the stone, but the man believed he could probably fetch a high price for it.

Then one late night, during a new moon a few months later, Iosif managed to find his father and mother dead, along with many other bodyguards and associates of his father. He found a strange...large man wearing nothing but a light robe standing over his father’s body, holding the rock his father found. The man had no hair on his body, and his eyes seemed to glow violet.

In anger and frustration, Iosif grabbed the closest blunt object, and rushed the man with a yell. He managed to strike the rock with his makeshift club, shattering it, causing it to splinter all over him causing a cut right over his eyes on his brow. The man sounded furious, those his face did not show it. He struck the boy in the throat, and tossed him from a nearby window on to the ground a few stories below. Iosif rolled into a nearby river, gasping for breath, as he watched the strange man glare at him furiously from up above. The young boy ran away, and managed to find a local to try and get help...but when he tried speaking to him, no words came out. When he tried to go back home, he found the place abandoned, no one in sight.

Desperate, and confused, Iosif managed to find a mercenary that used to work his father. Taking some pity on the boy, the mercenary took the child in and made him work in his band. As the boy grew used to fighting, and communicating with no sound, he began to get...visions. Senses of incoming danger to himself and his allies. At first, they were vague, but as he grew older, the visions became more vivid. And then he began receiving premonitions of the strange man again...coming after him moments before he appeared.

Iosif began running to avoid the strange man, and disappeared from his mercenary company around the age of 22. He wasn’t sure why the man was still after him, but he didn’t want to be caught by him again. He needed to find some way to stop that monster, so he began wandering all over Greece to try and find a way to stop it.

You have nationality as German and birthplace as near Bremen. Did you forget to change these?

You also have him knowing Classical Greek at 3, which is not necessary for someone who would have been shcooled in Greece. Just boosting his Romaic Greek to 6 would still allow him to read any book in Classical Greek, and for a merchant's son that would have been quite sufficient. Remember that Romaic Greek can be used to understand and communicate in Classical Greek at only -2.

Even academic education would normally be done in Romaic Greek. It is only for advanced studies that it is worth buying Classical Greek from scratch. For a merchant's son, Romaic Greek at 6 is probably much more useful and versatile.

Hmmm? Ack...yeah, I used an older character form for this. So...yeah. Fixed.

As for the language. Isn't a starting character still not allowed to have a skill above five? Unless an affinity is added of course.

He isn't old enough to have Romaic Greek at 6, though with a focus on reading a 5 should suffice to read classical.
Putting some points into the premonition ability would fit the backstory and generally be a good idea.

True, though the point for that language were from Privileged Upbringing I it probably wouldn't be going to Premonitions. I probably have a bunch of other points I could convert though.

Personally, I'd make an exception for the native language, as the bulk of the learning is done during age 1-5. Raising it to 6 is just like having another ability at score 3. But you're the storyguide, so your word is law. :wink:

Actually, Privileged Upbriging means that the character had access to Artes Liberales also -- which makes him literate, a not inconsiderable advantage.

Well, I snatched some exp from other places to pump up Premonitions. Also, I converted the exp for Classical Greek into Artes Liberales 3 (was originally 2), and took Civil and Canon law 2 (If there is a local equivalent, I'll use that instead).

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