Is Dungeoneer dead...?

Dear Atlas Team,

I posted two topics referring to "Dungeoneer" in the Card Games Forum and still haven't got any response.
I dunno if my questions and ideas were just stupid, or if it was because of my bad english (at this point:
Sorry, it's not my first language). I just asked myself, if there's hope for any kind of answer within the
next days, or if the Dungeoneer Card Game just died?

That would be a shame, because all of my friends and I just started to play the game and realized, how
great it is. Well... Yeah, that's basically all. Would be nice to get an honest answer.

Cheers and best greetings from Berlin,

Hi there. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying Dungeoneer! I've forwarded your posts to Thomas Denmark, Dungeoneer's designer. Please also remember that Atlas Games is a very small family-run business ... with only three of us in the office, we end up having to prioritize actually making new games over keeping on top of the forums. We try to check them every few weeks, though. Thanks for understanding.