Is left over wasted in lab work, writing and copying?

If you're inventing a spell, say level 25 and your lab total is 45. The first season you gain 20/25 and complete in the second season. Are the excess 15 points wasted... or could you use them to begin inventing a new spell of the same form and technique?

Also, when copying books (summae), lets say you have com+scribe 8. If you copy a level 10 summae, first season is 8/10, complete second season. Can you use the excess 6 to begin (or even complete) copying a new book?

The same question applies to writing a book... if you want to write two books consecutively.

If you learn spells from a master you can learn any combo (subject to form-tech limits of the student and teacher) up to the teachers lab total... here excess is lost.

You can perform multiple activities by splitting your lab total. In your example you'd take 30 of your 45 points to get the five final points on the level 25 spell and then you could use the last 10 points to invent a level 5 spell.

The activities have to use the same lab total and be the same sort of activity (no making an invested device and learning a spell allowed).

I'm slightly more forgiving with my house rules but this is what the core book says.

Aren'0t you supposed to be able to split ONLY to do THE SAME lab activity? So, if you are invfenting a level 25 spell and you have leftover points he could invent an other spell of the same Te+Fo combo with the leftover points? I thought so....


I agree with Xavi, it would make for some difficult maths if you use two Te-Fo's, which total to use?

You would use the lowest Technique Form combination. Well, I would, but we haven't had to do so yet. Our laboratories aren't finished yet so I don't know for sure if it works perfectly.

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