Is magical grappling/tying magically resisted?

[Lowest Serf available parma since no books nor magic rules checking in the last 2 months (grog/comanion adventures lately)]

Hya there!

In was reading through the spell wiki when I came across one of those little jewels that are WEric T's level 3 spells:

This is a really cool spell, and I thought about the possibility of having a few of those for the grogs. The thing is that they can be used to disarm opponents, make them trip, hit them..... Quite useful where whips are a lousy weapon otherwise.

The important thing here is that it made me think about grappling and MR. Are those spells resisted? My immediate answer was "yes", but OTOH a pair of hands rising grom the ground and surrounding your ankles do not need to actually touch you to trap you. They can act as manacles.

So, would that work or am I missing something?



Either the spell allows resistance, or it needs to be aimed. The hands rising from the ground would thus fall in the latter category.

Aha. So the magical whip and the hands trapping people are not resisted. Cool way to strangle a magus or magical creature with a magic device then.



My thoughts:

Strangling would be resisted as the force constricting the whip would need to cross the parma.

The hands of the grasping earth encircling yet not touching the target I see as much the same as creating a wall around the target but taken to an extreme in terms of efficency. Not resisted but an aiming roll is needed.