Is there a Creo Shape/Material bonus?

Just that question - I was able to find ones on the Big List of Bonuses ( ... yShape.pdf) for every TeFo except Creo - in context, I'm creating my magus' Talisman, and am writing up the list of inlays I wanted to have on it. (It's a medium-sized shield. He usually walks around with it strapped to his back. yeah, I know, not exactly subtle. He occasionally uses it as a hover-platform, and rides around on it.)

I know I can just "discuss it with the troupe" to see if it's OK to create a new form/material bonus, or I could use Alchemy(?) in-game to create a new one - so mainly this is just a check to see if I missed something.

(Also - does anyone have a good idea for a wood or stone that would be good for Creo, if there isn't a canon one?)

I noticed this as well and was about to ask the same question. I was thinking of a Bee. Since bees are just created out of the carcases of dead animals. Could do flies and maggots as well but bees look better.

Serf's parma, but aren't apples and a type of wood (Rowan?) listed as +X Creo.

If none is listed, I would use a Calf as a Creo source. And certainly some kind of tree wood.


The Birch (+3 childbirth, +1 Creo)
GotF page 33

Good find. The Shape and Material list needs updating as it lists birch as Creo Herbam rather than just Creo.

I wonder if a gem/stone/element can be found for Creo as well.

Water is a source of life, so it could give a +1 Creo bonus (too abundant for anything more generous IMO).