Is there an place Online where I can buy Ars Magica books?

Is there a place Online where I can buy Ars Magica books close to belgium? I could've over looked it on the Atlas homepage but i couldn't find anything.

Hi there. All of our mail order is done through Warehouse23. They do ship overseas. See

ah thx mate.

Rather late, but I just wanted to add that if you order from within the EU you'll not be taxed as you will if ordering from the US. I have several gaming stores in my town, but I order my Ars Magica-books from the UK (living in Denmark myself)- it's within the EU and they have no local tax on books at all.

All in all I get my books by mail 3 weeks before the local shops and I still save 20-25% even if paying for shipment. Looking for a specific shop I can recommend Leisure Games in London.

Of course, we always suggest that you buy from your friendly local retailer before going online. I think I assumed you'd found our retailer locator and didn't find anyone near you ... here's that link, though, in case I misunderstood: