Is this a legit item?

Playing an enchanter for the first time, and would like to check out that this item checks out:

Crown of the elemental servitors

CrTe 40
R: Touch D:sun T:group
Creates a group of man sized metal statues

5 uses a day

CrTe 55
R:Touch D: Sun T Group (+1mag for size)
Rarifies a group of terram targets into earth elementals

5 uses a day

(base 25, + 5 touch, +10 sun, +5 group, +5 size, +1 for 5 uses a day)

ReTe 45 command the servitor.
R Touch D: sun T: group (+1 mag for size)
Completely command the group of elementals

(base 5, + 5 touch, +10sun, +5 group, +5 size, +1 for 5 uses a day + 10 penetration 20)

I think this would allow you to make some man shaped statues, make them into might 15 earth elementals and then command them. Am I right?

Very well, let's see.

That's base 5 (Create Base Metal), +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +2 Group - You'll need a size modifier as the basic Target for metal is only a single cubic foot. Or you can have that subsumed into the 'Group', but then you're only getting 3-5 statues I think.
So far, we're at CrTe 30. Unless there's an undeclared size modifier. Let's assume there is, +1 Size.
That makes CrTe35.
Now, the "5 uses a day" -bit bothers me. Do you really mean 5 uses/day (might as well be 6 uses/day), for a +3 => Total level of 38?
Or do you mean a +5 modifier for "uses/day", meaning 24 activations per day, for a total level 40 effect?

Either way, without a magnitude (or more) for detailed work, those would be pretty rough statues!

You're using the guideline from RoP: M, p. 133.
Please note that that guideline includes the note (Ritual), meaning that any effect using that guideline will have to be a ritual - which means it cannot be enchanted into a device!*
I also repeat my confusion regarding the 5 usses per day mentioned above.

... wait what?!
Oh, you're calculating in levels, not magnitudes! Right
If this effect was possible (eg, with the right mystery), your calculation still looks odd. Group is 2 magnitudes, so that would be +10. +1 for 5 uses/day? If you're adding levels, how could you ever add +1 and get something that ends in a '5'? And how do you get those 5 uses/day, for a +1? The table on p. 98 of the core book seems to indicate you'd need +3 levels.
And I think that adds up to 53.

A bit pointless, since the above has to be a ritual, but:

  • Group is still 2 magnitues, or 10 levels.
  • Same issue with uses/day
  • You might want to design this with a linked trigger, for +3 levels, to be activated by the effect that rarifies elementals from the statues.
  • Please note that you can only give orders to the elementals (and expect them to be obeyed) while within the range of this effect - so you'd need to touch the elementals to change their orders.
  • I still can't make make your levels add up, in part because I'm still confused about what exactly you mean with the '+1 for 5 uses a day' thing that I keep bringing up.

Mostly. Except for certain minor details, like how you can't put rituals into items :wink:

And welcome to the world of enchanting stuff!

  • Baring the use of a certain mystery, I know.

Edit: Tellus came first and told pretty much everything I said, so I'll just keep a couple of things:

First, for the first effect I would really suggest raising it to R: Voice. A 70 liters metal statue weights half a ton: do you want to create 3-5 of them at Touch range, from a crown that, probably, will be sitting in your head? That seems like something that will bring you a massive headache sooner than later.

Second, the Elemental powers are bot not-doable, requiring a ritual for the first one, but you could instill a power to animate the statues anyway; something like Base 3, +2 metal, +1 size, +2 group, +1 concentration, +2 voice, +2 for statues following the crown's bearer orders, and maybe some other extra magnitudes just because combat probably should use a more complex guideline than the Unseen Porter, for a final base effect level of 40, and then +5 for item maintaining concentration and +3 for 6 uses per day for a total effect of 43, roughly at the same level than the first one. Then you should rework both effects to include some penetration in both of them just in case you want your metal friends deal with someone with might or Parma.

Just a note on the creation of metal statues. If you assume that they are "solid", then yes, either you need a +1 size modifier, or you'll be able to get maybe 3-5 of them out of T:Group (the "volume" of a person in liters is approximately his weight in Kg; and a cubic foot is about 28liters, so 2 make for a light person, 3 for a solid one, and 4 for a really burly one). But if you assume that the statues are hollow, like most classical greek bronze statues, you do not. The famous Riace bronze statues represent tall men (about 2m) and weigh less than 200Kg each... which is on the low side of the weight of a cubic foot of bronze (a base individual of bronze).

As has been noted, rarefying the metal into earth elementals is tricky - it requires a ritual.I would dispense with that, and combine the "create and control" into a single effect -- allowing the crown to be enchanted as a lesser device. It would a primarily Rego effect (since that's the higher magnitude one) with Creo as a requisite.

Manipulating a set of suits of armor into fighting under your mental control would be, in my view:
a base CrTe effect of level 2 [manipulate dirt in a slightly unnatural fashion]

  • 1[some finesse]
  • 2[metal]
  • 2[T:group] (as mentioned above, you get about a dozen such suits for T:Group)
  • 2[R:voice]
  • 1[D:conc]
    for a total level of 30.

Creating them in the first place would be
a base CrTe effect of level 1 [create dirt]
+1 [in an elaborate shape]
+2 [metal]

  • 2[T:group]
  • 2[R:voice]
  • 1[D:conc]
    for a total level of 25, so lower - you can add this secondary effect to the first with a Creo requisite and +1 magnitude (so, for a Re(Cr)Te effect of Level 35).

It takes then a Re(Cr)Te Level 40 enchantment, to create and maintain a group of a dozen suits of armor that exist and keep on fighting under your mental command for as long as you concentrate and they are within range of your voice (R:Voice, D:Conc, T:Group), up to 24 times/day (35+5 Levels).

I am stupid and missed the ritual mark. Thanks! Will read the rest more carefully, even knowing my plan is foiled :slight_smile:

Not a bad point - but since he wanted to refine elementals from his statues... he'd want them to be solid, I think. :slight_smile:

That's the spirit! :slight_smile:

I prefer the term 'over-eager' for missing things like that. There've been a lot of good suggestions for your item, so I have a few suggestions for enchanting in general:

  1. Build your enchanted item up, like a Lego block set, until you're more used to things. ie, "I'll start by creating a statue. CrTe Base 5." Go from there, add in duration, then range. ("Oh hey, I should totally not make this a R:Personal!")
  2. For enchanted items, you will need to differentiate between extra magnitudes and extra levels. Anything that explicitly applies to items is a level cost (As much as I'd like to have my one-cast Ball of Abysmal Flame turn into a machine gun with unlimited uses a day!) Extra uses, built-in penetration, item-concentration and interesting triggering effects all come to mind.
  3. Don't be afraid to have the book open to page 99 while you design your spell! :wink:
  4. Remember the range is from the item, not from the person using it: Summoning a group of ten statues at touch range for your crown means that all of the statues are created attached to your head.
  5. Don't forget the vis-limits on item size and materials. I forget that one all the damned time.

If this is an item, you would want to add some penetration or they are not going to fight magic/faerie/infernal creatures...

Is Terram a requirement here? Or would any Form be acceptable, as long as you get a bunch of animated minions?

If Terram isn't necessary, I'd suggest Herbam :

  1. CrHe Base 3 [Create wood in an unnatural shape, such as a living wall or bridge.], +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +2 Group = level 20

    Create a group of 5 humanoid forms out of hornbeam (each 2x Base Individual for Herbam in Size),


  1. ReHe Base 10 [Make a plant or thing made of plant products move with purpose and intelligence, without requiring your constant control.], +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +2 Group = level 35.

    Animate the above. Since they are animated as a group by a single spell that move with "purpose and intelligence", you might be able to make a case that they can fight as a (trained?) group?

Give them non magic weapons and there isn't a Penetration issue.

I would argue against a trained group, since none of them have Leadership. :wink: That sweet +0 bonus to attack or defense gets the job done!
Giving them mundane weapons does fix the issue, but as it stands, either way, someone will need to come up with statistics for them to fight with if you want them combat-ready. Is there any place where rules for temporarily-animated-combatants exist?

I’m not sure if operating as a trained group is reasonable; and it would depend on the spell.
On one hand I think animating a group will cause all the group to act in unison (from a similar spell somewhere. although not sure why I think that). However on the other hand if the caster has a leadership score and is acted concentrating on controlling the group’s actions then getting a combat bonus seems reasonable.

As to the trained group question, I was wondering whether or not "A Magical Wolf"'s Pack of One power in the Bestiary Chapter of the Core Book provided enough similarity to justify a similar pseudo-Leadership capability. Maybe with a Mentem requisite, if necessary in the troupe's thinking?

RoP:M has stats for an Animated Tree on page 129 that would work or make a good starting place anyways, as the above suggestion uses a base 10 guideline versus the base 4/5 of the other spells associated with those stats.