Is UA3 compatible with old UA?


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Inquiring about backwards compatibility from the new Edition with old UA material... Is it possible?


On the whole, sort of.

The core mechanics remain the same, with percentile-based resolution, flip-flops, etc. Much of the old contents, like schools of magick, can be used interchangeably, with little or no need for tweaking. But character creation is very different, with character abilities being a spectrum and tied into the Madness meters. There's also a strong focus on shared setting-creation, which is baked into character creation.

Without the old material, there are specific and annoying gaps where something is described in the setting material but you have no rules regarding how it works. For instance, the old schools of magic are described but none of the mechanics are presented. even though they remain an important part of the setting.

It is not plug and play, I am trying to figure out how to build a Kleptomancer in third edition, and there are some t hings that just don't work the same, but most things carry over just fine.