Is "WoMS" as a Ritual a Breakthrough?

I'm considering whether one could make a more effective Winds of Mundane Silence, like being able to dispel effects of casting total (or should it have been Spell Level?) equal to PeVi spell (remembering to modify for Target: Room for instance) rather than half casting total - by defining it as a ritual?
What I'm looking for, is a powerful and general spell - not wanting all 10 versions of Unravelling the Fabric of... - with the trade-off in efficiency for making it a ritual.

But I don't really see any support in the Perdo Vim guidelines for this. However, Disenchant and Cutting the Cords (is this the name?) are rituals, but perhaps they are solely becuase of game balance. Otherwise any magus with an enchanted device or a familiar is toast for the PeVi specialist.

Could this be done, straight out of the box? Or should this be some form of Breakthrough? Or could one assume there is a Merciruan tradition for this, and perhaps one could find such a spell among Mercurians? Or perhaps need to Initiate the ability to make this form of ritual. The Order as a whole - Quaesitors and Hoplites especially - could benefit from this sort of magic, e.g. when removing dangerous spells on sancti of marched magi.

That sounds like a reasonable idea. I'd allow it.

It would be a really useful spell for a Quaesitor (or Hoplite) specialized in removing curses or trap-like spells on sancti or other protected areas. Screw the vis cost, Vim is readily available for those professionals, or there is loot to be found or payment to be had for doing such jobs.

IDHMBWM but how hard a Breakthrough would that be? It shouldn't be that hard, since it seems a fair trade-off getting more prower for the vis cost, plus the hassle of having to cast a Ritual.
I just wondered whether anybody else had thought about that, or if there was some RAW stuff supporting it.

I don't think that's necessarily a breakthrough so much as a new guideline. It doesn't break any limits of magic, just does something in a slightly different and more powerful but less versatile manner. You might require successful experimentation during the season it was invented since it's not quite standard, but a full breakthrough seems excessive. The guidelines are explicitly incomplete, after all.

But how/what would the game mechanical effects be? Should I just spend a season (or more, depending on level) inventing a Winds of Mundane Silence with said parameters, and experiment doing it? Or are there some well-defined rules for such implementation of non-breakthrough but non-standard guidelines? In True Lineages, Bonisagus chapter perhaps?
The Magus in question I'm considering letting do this is a Jerbiton with Mercurian magic. Such a ritual seems to me could be Mercurian of origin, after all, theirs are many of the few ritual spells in the spell lists.

PS If it's as simple as just experimenting inventing the spell, it's fortunate that WoMS is a general level spell, so i can just invent the largest version I can in a single season. And then re-invent it at higher level, with no need for experimentation.
I'll have to check with my co-Alpha SG, see what he says, as well as re-read HOH:TL. But just thought I'd check in with the community.

I would say just invent the spell that way. No experimentation needed. Any magus could do it, they just don't. Perhaps no one thought of it until now, or perhaps they thought the vis cost was too prohibitive.